Apple CEO Tim Cook calls ESPN, says sports a ‘great unifier’

“Apple CEO Tim Cook took a break from running the world’s most valuable company on Thursday to call in to ESPN for quick chat about his alma mater Auburn University, whose basketball team is heading to the NCAA Final Four for the first time,” AppleInsider reports.

“Cook reached out to ‘The Paul Finebaum Show’ on ESPN’s SEC Network to surprise host Paul Finebaum, who can be seen in the clip below fielding a call from Auburn fan ‘Tim from Cupertino,'” AppleInsider reports. “Finebaum immediately recognized Cook as ‘not just some Tim,’ but the CEO of Apple and ‘everyone’s favorite Auburn fan.'”

“During the short exchange, Finebaum asked whether athletics enters the conversation at major corporations,” AppleInsider reports. “‘Yeah, I think sports is still a great unifier,’ Cook said. ‘So it’s one thing that we can all rally around, and people put their other interests aside to either fight the other side or to hopefully join forces. Yeah, of course, sports always comes up. CEOs are people too, they love sports too.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Which reminds us that all of our brackets this year are among the walking dead.


    1. I was just going to say this. Why would Tim call into ESPN? I think this is a sign of the future to come. It’s possible that Apple didn’t buy Disney earlier, until the Fox deal was done.

  1. Have any of you listened to ESPN radio lately? Half the “sports” talk is politics. Is there nowhere one can go without the conversation descending into politics?

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