Alleged photo of 2019 iPhone chassis appears to confirm triangular three camera design

“An alleged chassis piece belonging to the 2019 iPhone appeared on Chinese social media this morning with markings on the rear of the device that resemble a housing for three camera lenses,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors.

The image “shared via Weibo and later tweeted by Ben Geskin, tally with rumors that the next-generation iPhone will feature a rear triple-lens camera system in a triangular configuration,” Hardwick reports. “Last week, an image of a similar chassis piece appeared on Slashleaks, although rumors about triple lenses in an iPhone began way back in May 2018. Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in October that he expected the next iPhones to feature triple-lens cameras.”

“The Wall Street Journal has since reported that Apple plans to introduce a triple-lens camera system in at least one of the iPhones coming in 2019,” Hardwick reports. “Shortly after that report, Bloomberg seemingly confirmed the rumor, but neither publication mentioned how the lenses would be configured.”


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MacDailyNews Take: Certainly, if the lens arrangement isn’t laid out symmetrically, it’d be for a reason, as Apple seems to like symmetry when possible. Likely, in real life, it’ll look more like a black square camera bump than a seemingly haphazard arrangement of lenses, flash, and mic.

Leaked schematic reveals next-gen iPhone with triple-lens camera in triangular arrangement – March 29, 2019


    1. Steve Jobs would have found a way to place three cameras an equal distance apart without locating them as an equilateral triangle. Only Tim Cook is restricted by plane geometry, right, all you bashers?

  1. So it seems it ( the renders showing the three different colors ) turned out to be a cross between the black render with the hideous bump and the gray render with the smaller framed lens area.

    The framing and the distance from the edge of the phone make all the difference… looks good , much much better than the either the gray or black .👍👍👍

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