Apple Card will be the most secure credit card ever made

“We’ve had credit cards for decades and yet we’re still stuck phoning the bank if they get stolen. We’re still in a bind if we believe the card’s been stolen but we find it —after we’ve cancelled it,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “And just in general use, we are forever having to tell or show people the long number on the front and then the last three or four digits from the back.”

“Apple Card has fixed all of this — although it’s chiefly done it by taking the actual card out of the equation as much as possible,” Gallagher writes. “There is the titanium Apple Card and you will get that if you sign up for the credit card and are approved. However, Apple is doing all it can to get you instead using Apple Card via Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch or, increasingly, online and on your Mac.”

Apple's physical laser-etched titanium Apple Card
Apple’s physical laser-etched titanium Apple Card

“With no number on the card, it could be tricky when you’re ordering pizza over the phone and are asked for one. It’s the same when you’re buying from an online store that doesn’t accept Apple Pay and have to provide a number. While Apple Card is already known for being the credit card without a number, though, the truth is that it has many of them. The number in the magnetic stripe on the physical card might be thought of as your actual credit card number, but the Wallet app will show you a different, virtual number,” Gallagher writes. “When an online store needs a number and a confirmation code, the three digits from the back of the card, you can read these virtual ones off the Wallet app and they will work just fine.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Card is going to be a huge hit!

Apple Card is going to save everyone a lot of frustration, time, and money. It’s even going to generate money for users and for Apple alike!

The biggest news of Apple’s “It’s Show Time” event, by far, was Apple Card.

What was our very first reaction to the physical Apple Card?

“Yes, we want that physical card. We’ll use the digital card via our Apple Watches whenever possible, of course (more cash back), but we want that titanium, laser-etched card!” – MacDailyNews, March 25, 2019<

Hundreds of millions of Apple users will have or have already had the same reaction. Apple is about to generate huge profits out of thin air.

Apple just revolutionized another industry with Apple Card. — MacDailyNews, March 26, 2019

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  1. I wonder why it says MasterCard under the logo after MasterCard made a big deal about getting rid of the words MasterCard under the logo. Their “New Branding” so to speak.
    Another detail missed by Timmy Boy.
    Sick of all his “Coming later this year, summer, fall”, or whenever. Or in case of Airpower, not at all.
    WWDC will introduce the new Mac Pro and AppleMonitor. This stuff should be available that day. This waiting crap is getting old. Knowing Apple lately, the monitors will ship late before the Mac Pro, which will be pushed back a couple times because of manufacturing issues.
    Am I right!?

    1. Are you sure that the ‘big deal’ was about removing the words Mastercard from under the logo? I think that’s the ‘new’ logo. The ‘old’ logo had the words Mastercard overlaying the 2 overlapping circles.

  2. We don’t need headlines like this, it’s just a big fat target on Apple’s back that’s going get every hacking fool on the planet gunning to take it down.

    And of course, if there’s the slightest problem that’s the Users fault, they’ll be trumpeting it all over from here to oblivion.

    1. What you’re describing is just like when Macs were described as being the number one target for viruses because Mac users were claiming that OS X was so secure that nobody needed to run anti-viral software. The fact that there was a large body of seemingly unprotected computers out there meant that people were always claiming that a colossal security issue was inevitably around the corner. The predicted massive virus has been around that corner for the last 18 years and still hasn’t shown up.

      The security failures with Apple Pay so far have been attributed to poor security practices by card issuers. I have seen no demonstration that Apple Pay itself has been hacked.

  3. If I can send money to friends+family or pay individuals (rather than only merchants) with my Apple Card balance and pay little or no fee to do so, Apple Card will destroy PayPal.

    Bonus points if I get Apple Cash to do these transaction. More bonus points if I can do it device to device.

    1. Probably will have less impact than you think unless Apple also implements something similar to Paypal’s Xoom service.

      Also regarding secure online payments, it appears Amazon is working with more online retailers to use their Amazon Pay button on their commerce sites. If you have an Amazon account you can make payments w/o revealing your CC info to 3rd party vendors.

  4. Well, I had my card NUMBER stolen two times and jerks spent $2,000 in PA, then second time, $1,000 in FL. All it cost me was time and aggravation, but somebody lost money! Which we all pay for! I’ve loved Apple Pay, and might get this card. From what I’ve read so far, it looks good. MasterCard, eh?

  5. Even at the bottom of its advertised interest range (about 13%) Apple will earn >14X more on its cash reserves than it currently does.

    For users, Apple Card’s security alone is a real advantage over all other cards.

    For Apple, increased earnings on its cash reserves is a very big deal.

  6. Aside from the number tokenisation (a great move), surely most banks have the ability to let customers temporarily block their own card if they lose or misplace it? My bank app has toggles to temporarily block the entire card, online purchases, contactless purchases, overseas purchases as long as I need. Of course I can just cancel the card if I lose it permanently.

  7. Long overdue, in my opinion. The Apple Card should have been released within a year after Apple Pay became available (October 2014). After six months of Apple Pay proving itself in the wild, the release of the Apple Card would have helped to spur the adoption of Apple Pay far beyond what we have seen to date.

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