Roku CEO: Apple well-positioned to be successful with Apple TV+

“Apple yesterday shared plans to bring its Apple TV app to multiple smart TVs and third-party set-top boxes, including the Amazon Fire TV and Roku. The TV app will house Apple TV+, Apple’s upcoming streaming service for its original content when it launches later this year,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “Following Apple’s announcement, Roku CEO Anthony Wood spoke to CNBC about Apple’s decision to expand access to the TV app, expressing excitement that the content will be available on Roku devices.”

There were not a lot of details announced, but I think they’re well-positioned to be successful. They’ve got a lot of experience with subscription services, they’re investing a lot of money in content, and they’ve got a great brand and lots of loyal customers… When you have a TV streaming service, you know, obviously they’re counting on jumpstarting that with all of their iPhone and iPad and Mac customers, but actually, smart TVs are the way that most streaming services – long form streaming services – are viewed by customers. That’s where they spend most of their hours… For any kind of service like that to be successful, you want to be on the leading streaming TV platforms and Roku is the leading streaming TV platform. We’re the leading distributor of streaming content in the U.S. — Roku CEO Anthony Wood

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple well-positioned to be successful with Apple TV+ especially if they price it right and offer it as part of an Apple services bundle with choices of Apple Music, iCloud storage, Apple News+, etc.

Apple unveils Apple TV+ original video subscription service – March 25, 2019


  1. Love Apple TV and did not like Roku content selection/interface. However, I found its chunky remote with buttons was often easier to manipulate than the Apple TV remote (both old and new ones) but then again, so were rotary phones.

  2. Apple following again. Not just that but being unoriginal in naming it with a “+”!!They will no doubt eventually use their lawyers later on to try and sue competitors for copying them as they try to find a way to say they got there first! I thought Apple thought differently?!!

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