Apple News+ hands-on: Is it worth $9.99 per month?

“Apple News+ is Apple’s latest offering into the service arena. It was announced at its March event alongside the Apple Card, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+,” Andrew O’Hara writes for AppleInsider. “Of all the announcements, Apple News+ was the only one to be available immediately thanks to iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4.”

“We’ve spent some time toying with the new service and will walk you through the feature highlights, how to cancel your subscription, and evaluate whether or not Apple News+ is worth its monthly fee,” O’Hara writes.

“In our testing, iPad was the best device for consuming magazines with the large beautiful display making it a joy to use. Apple News on Mac still seems a bit of an afterthought, not seemingly entirely optimized for a desktop experience. Still, it is better to have slightly subpar access than no access on our Mac,” O’Hara writes. “Is it worth it? In our opinion, the answer is a resounding yes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s clearly an outstanding value. As Apple pointed out during their presentation yesterday, for $9.99 per month ($119.88 annually), you’re getting some $8,000 worth of subscriptions, if each were billed separately.

It’s free for the first month, so give it a try! If you don’t like it or think it’s worth the cost, you can always cancel for no charge.

And, yes, Apple News+ is best on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

[UPDATE: 7:55pm EDT: Fixed typo in annual price. Thanks, AD!]

Apple launches Apple News+ – March 25, 2019


  1. Already signed up. Everyone in my family gets to read the magazines of their choice on their devices for $9.95 a month. I can’t think of a better deal.

        1. I think Sean was saying that it’s a stupid take to say that Apple News+ is left wing. If you want right wing, just “love” and follow all your favorite right wing news sources. I mean seriously…it’s just lazy and dishonest to say Apple is shoving something particular down your throat.

          1. It is lazy and dishonest to pretend that Apple has not routinely censored conservative content simply because Apple does not like conservative content. Apple deems women who promote pro-life content as hate criminals who are not allowed to speak. Apple uses the far left SPLC to filter content. You are a lazy ignorant leftist. Perfect customer for Apple News.

      1. Ignorance is where you are if you have been consuming the BS at the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN about the massive collusion Donald Trump engaged in to get elected and then after his election. It was all as true as the Jussie Smollett hate crime. Ignorance is where it’s at if you are Democrat.

  2. Not one art magazine like Flash Art, Art in America, Art News, Art & Cake, Art Forum, Juxtapoz. It has island art categories such as Art 3D and photography but those are limited in scope.

  3. Apple gave the Southern Poverty Leadership Council $2 million in 2017 and has used the SPLC assessments to censor speech from conservative individuals and groups. The SPLP is incompetent as a judge of what is good or right or acceptable, but Apple nevertheless used the SPLC to justify many of its awful decisions to censor American conservatives. Now, the SPLC is in the midst of a massive corruption scandal with its founder, Morris Dees, having been fired, its CEO stepping down and board members heading for the doors. This is all happening without any full explanation of the rot that is causing the mass departures. But the fact remains, Tim Cook put a huge donation to an organization that is simply a left wing hate group in its own right. The SPLC used its non-profit status, along with the love it has from the left to act as a political bully, arbitrarily deeming groups the left does not like as “hate groups”. This is what the left does to deal with the fact that it cannot compete in the arena of ideas.

    All this to say, Apple is now disqualified as a news source based on its incredibly poor judgement with the SPLC and with its history of censoring conservative content on the App Store and on iTunes podcasts. Tim Cook will use this News app to create a controlled news environment where only that which he and his leftist colleagues deem acceptable is permitted. I would never trust any “curation” done by Apple.

    1. If you are so disgusted with Apple Inc. and its products, just don’t do business with them. Nobody is forcing you to violate your conscience. It is still a free country. Why waste your time posting on Apple fan sites? We don’t waste our time or energy posting on alt-right sites.

      Your alt-right politics are not conservative, incidentally. Conservatives are committed to traditional American values, including the 14th and 19th Amendments, not to supporting a white male autocracy.

  4. A silly false dichotomy saying it’s $8,000 in subscriptions.

    Assuming a price of $1/month for monthlies or $2/month for weeklies & dailies, IF you would otherwise subscribe to 3-5 of these publications in digital-only form, then it’s a good value.

    For most people, it’s going to be a better value to buy the occasional newsstand copy and maintain 1-2 digital subscriptions to the stuff they read most.

    1. I started my free trial last night and read the current issues of Texas Monthly, Car & Driver, National Review, and the New Yorker. Newsstand price would approach $30, and I have 29 days to go. I don’t know where you are finding $1.00 monthly magazines, but it certainly isn’t Central Texas. All a subscriber has to do is read more than 2 available magazine issues on Apple News+ in a month and it is worth the $9.99.

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