MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘It’s Show Time’ event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will be holding their “It’s Show Time” special event at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT today, March 25th.

The event will take place in the auditorium of the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

It is widely expected that Apple today will unveil a new video streaming service, a new premium Apple News subscription offering, and an Apple Pay credit card in partnership with multinational investment bank and financial services company, Goldman Sachs.

Apple’s special event will be webcast live by Apple here, via Twitter, and via the Apple Events app on Apple TV.

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s special event presentation on this page, so just open both the webcast and this page so you can watch and comment live!

Apple’s “It’s Show Time” special event live notes:

• End of event.

• Cook thanks everyone.
• Cook has Apple employees in attendance stand for thank you applause
• Cook: “At Apple, the customer always is, and always will be, at the center of everything we do.”
• Cook: We’re excited and humbled to be working with all of these great storytellers and artists

• Winfrey: Let’s move into the future all connected through Apple!
• Winfrey: We are going to build the biggest most-stimulating book club on the planet; stream conversations with authors from Apple Store around the planet live
• Winfrey will have documentaries on Apple TV Plus
• There are a billion pockets, a billion pockets!
• I have joined forces with Apple in order to serve this moment because I can do what I do in a whole new way, take it to the next level
• Winfrey on stage: There has never been a moment like this one
• Cook: We have one more remarkable storyteller with us today: Oprah Winfrey

• Cook: This is just a sneak peek at Apple TV Plus, the beginning of something very exciting

• Apple TV Plus available “this fall”
• Available in 100+ countries, global service, all on-demand (downloadable and viewable offline)
• Apple TV Plus is an ad-free subscription service
• Apple TV Plus will be delivered via Apple TV app
• Apple TV Plus demo video

• Sara Bareilles performs “Little Voice” song live
• JJ Abrams and Sara Bareilles take stage to talk about “Little Voice”

• Big Bird takes stage with Abby Cadabby to discuss preschoolers and coding

• Stories will be funny, romantic, thrilling…
• Kumail Nanjiani takes stage to talk about “Little America” – stories of immigrants in America

• “See” takes place on a post-virus earth where everyone is blind
• Alfre Woodward and Jason Momoa take stage for “See”

• Explores the dynamics on men and women in the workplace: Aniston really excited to return to series TV
• The story of a TV morning show… Steve Carrell joins Aniston and Witherspoon on stage to help intro “The Morning Show”
• Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon on-stage to intro “The Morning Show”

• Spielberg and his Amblin team will resurrect “Amazing Stories”
• “Amazing Stores” – originally an anthology magazine read to Spielberg by his father
• Steven Spielberg on-stage. Standing ovation

• Reese Witherspoon
• Jennifer Aniston
• Sofia Coppola
• Octavia Spencer
• Ron Howard
• M. Night Shyamalan
• JJ Abrams
• Steven Spielberg
• Artist storytellers who include…
• Artists inspire us
• Great stores can change the world
• Zach van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht take the stage
• New service: TV+ (Apple TV Plus)

• Private. Your viewing information is shared with no one
• Available in over 100 countries
• Also coming to Roku, other devices
• Apple TV app coming to smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio (starting this spring)
• Apple TV app comes to the Mac “this fall”
• Apple TV app coming in May, includes Apple TV Channels
• Apple TV app works on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad
• Brand new “Kids” section; incl. every Sesame Street episode
• You can subscribe to Showtime, for example, in seconds and it all shows up in the Apple TV app
• Apple TV app is great for sports fans – live scores, close games, and more
• It’s all in the Apple TV app (well, most of it) so there’s less bouncing around from app to app
• New Apple TV app is personalized for you. Advanced machine learning personalizes content suggestions for you
• Use Siri to find what you know you want to watch
• Apple TV Channels: Only the channels you want all in one app, on demand and ad-free, online or off, best picture and sound available, with family sharing
• All of your cable/satellite or streaming service (like PlayStation Vue, Hulu, Amazon prime Video, etc.) bundles show up in Apple TV app
• Over 100,000 movies all built into the Apple TV app (which makes the app misnamed – MDN Ed.)
• All-new Apple TV app demoed
• The Apple TV app is designed to have all of your favorite shows, sports, movies, etc. in one place for all devices
• Cook: Now let’s talk about TV

• Apple Arcade will available unit Fall 2019; pricing and more details to come
• Video showing some of the initial games available on Apple Arcade
• New games will be added to Apple Arcade game subscription service all the time
• Family can also enjoy for no additional charge
• Apple Arcade games cannot collect any data or track any information without user consent
• Apple Arcade games are all-you-ca-play; no limits (parents can apply parental controls)
• Every Apple Arcade game playable offline
• Apple Arcade plays across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV
• Accessible via the App Store
• Apple Arcade subscription gives users access to 100+ exclusive games
• Apple Arcade looks to bring games to a whole new audience
• Video explaining some of the games that will be featured in Apple Arcade
• Brand new “games that redefine games” – Apple is working with devlopers to bring these games to life
• Introducing: Apple Arcade
• Apple working with game developers on new service designed specifically for paid games
• App Store has nearly 300,000 games
• iOS has become the largest gaming platform in the world.
• #1 category is Games
• App Store is now visited by over half a billion people each week
• Apple reviews every app, so it’s safe and secure
• App Store
• Cook retakes stage

• Coming to Apple Wallet this summer
• 1% Daly Cash when you use the physical card to make a payment
• No card number, no CVV, no expiration, no signature
• Apple Cards are titanium and names are laser-etched on them.
• Goldman Sachs will not sell your private infomation to advertisers or anybody else
• All spend tracking happens on-device, not on Apple’s servers
• Every purchase is authenticated with Face ID or Touch ID
• The Apple Card number is secured safely in your iPhone’s secure element
• Apple Card is issued by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, so it’s accepted all over the world
• Apple needed a bank that would do things that no other bank has ever done before
• Apple Card does not have any fees. No late fees, No over-limit fees. No international fees. No fees.
• Payment decisions are clear as the app calculates interest in real-time
• You get 2% of your purchase amount back in Daily Cash; 3% when you use Apple Card with Apple
• Anytime you use your card, you get Daily Cash back – it’s real cash
• Apple Card does not use points for rewards; you get Daily Cash – cash back every day
• Tracks spending by category (food, travel, etc.)
• Apple Card uses machine learning and Maps to transform cryptic names on payees into names you’ll recognize
• Apple Card gives you a better understanding of your spending
• If you have a question about your Apple Card, just text directly from Messages
• Sign up on your iPhone and, in just minutes, you get your Apple Card. Can be used anywhere Apple Pay can be used
• Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey takes stage
• Apple Card created by Apple. Simple, private, and secure
• Introducing Apple Card
• Apple Pay will be available in more the 40 countries by end of the year
• Apple Pay on target to surpass 10 billion transactions this year
• Apple Pay

• Cook: This is really important to us. We believe in the value of journalism and the impact it can have on our lives

• Launches in US and in Canada (also in French); Coming to Australia and Europe, starting with the UK later this year
• $9.99/month – available to your entire family (family sharing) – all of your devices; first month is free
• Individually, it would cost over $8000 per year to subscribe to all of these publications
• Over 300 magazines, premium digital subscriptions, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal
• On-device intelligence makes recommendations; Apple does not know what you read or allow advertisers to track you
• Personalized for your tastes and interests
• Also includes The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal
• Apple News Plus also includes some of the most popular digital subscriptions
• Roger Rosner retake stage
• News Plus tab lets you explore all of the magazines available
• Full magazine issues
• Wyatt Mitchell on stage shows the Apple News Plus section of the Apple News app
• Roger Rosner, Apple VP takes the stage to review Apple News Plus
• “Your favorite news and magazines all in one place”
• Apple News Plus video introduction

• Service is called News+ (Apple News Plus)
• Apple is bringing magazines to Apple News
• What if we could have them all?
• Cook: “I love the feeling of being at the newsstand.”
• Apple News is now the #1 news app
• Apple News, now over 3 years old

• Apple services are easy-to-use, offer attention to detail, are private and secure
• Cook recaps Apple services
• The seamless integration of hardware, software, and services is key; Apple does this best
• Today is all about Apple services
• “Welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater.”
• Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage to applause
• Event opens with video highlighting Apple products over the years in the form of production credits

• It’s almost Show Time…

• Apple’s livestream:

• AAPL: $189.72, -1.33 (-0.70%) @ 12:49 pm EDT
• AAPL: $190.94, -0.11 (-0.06%) @ 12:25 pm EDT
• AAPL: $190.39, -0.66 (-0.34%) @ 11:47 am EDT

It’s official: Apple sends out invites to ‘It’s Show Time’ special event on March 25th – March 11, 2019


    1. Wrong event for iPhone hardware, but good God, the level of sanctimonious liberal virtue-signaling SJW-ing claptrap from Apple has hit a new level of nauseation.

      I’d forgotten how much I hated Oprah. Thanks, Apple, for forklifting her onstage to remind me.

      Yes, immigrants are wonderful people. Legal immigrants.

      Get Cook and Oprah in the same room and you’d drown in sanctimony within two minutes.

      1. Apparently…it’s a prerequisite for everything these days. Is it not possible for a company to just sell the damn product based on it’s value to users?

  1. Dear Tim Cook,
    How about announcing a contemporary Mac Pro? Then we content creators can provide fodder for your mind-numbing, ass-fattening streaming service
    Patient Mac lovers

    1. @ Snoop and Dan and other similarly minded individuals :
      Do you go to a Chinese restaurant and complain why Italian food is not served?

      Today’s event was not about what u are interjecting here.

      Wait for WWDC for the MAC PRO
      And wait for the September event for potential small form factor iPhone X (SE replacement)

      Why throw irrelevant negativity at what was a great presentation and some cool additions to Apple services?….

      Sounds like brocken records, constent whining at inopportune moments … just to muddy the waters.. it is just OFF!

      For me personaly …
      Super excited about what they announced today.
      The TV + and movie/show line up seems to be fantastic. Looking forward big time.
      Apple pay and credit card and cash rewards .. awesome.
      Magazines. To me a great deal!
      And the Apple Arcade sound real good. Curious about pricing though.
      New TV app looks great !

      I ownder if they will offer bundeled tiers of services?.. it will be great if they do.

      Overall.. very impressed. Very !

      Thank you Tim and Team.

  2. I’m already subscribed to the WSJ. I wonder if you get the entire WSJ with Apple News. I pay more for WSJ than Apple News now. So the savings would be almost $20 per month, and I get all of the content instead of just the Journal.

  3. I can’t believe that SJW Cook included the Murdochian Right-winger, super-corporatist WSJ; but I love that Apple does not allow publications access to its servers to track you. This does not mean that FB can no longer track your keystrokes by its own nefarious methods like the NSA does illegally.

  4. The Apple credit card is handsome.

    Kind of baggy cool perhaps to obscure the magazine introducer’s large size. Probably his own creation because I have never seen that kind of getup, and I am in downtown LA a lot. Or maybe it’s an east coast thing.

  5. LOL presenters are wearing their own unique clothes; Just look at the gaming introducer’s dotted, odd-looking, multi-layer dress! I fully expect someone to do a blog on “Look What They’re Wearing” review like they do on the red carpet.

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