Apple’s new 5th-gen. iPad mini is a modern version of a small classic

“It took a while, but here’s the fifth-generation iPad mini—instantly recognizable since it’s got the same shape and size as its predecessor, but now powered by the same A12 Bionic processor found in the iPhone XS,” Jason Snell writes for Six Colors. “It’s amazing what a difference three and a half years can make.”

“The sixth-generation iPad has effectively usurped the iPad mini’s role as The Cheap iPad, meaning that as of now, the only reason to buy an iPad mini is because you want a small iPad,” Snell writes. “And there are plenty of people who do—from extreme mobile workers to people who want to slip an iPad into a purse or coat pocket to businesses who want simple point-of-sale terminals to children with small hands and keen eyes.”

“I’ve always preferred using a Kindle to read books, but I have to admit that the iPad mini is a pretty great size if you’re primarily planning on using it to read books, newspaper apps, and websites,” Snell writes. “The screen may feel a bit cramped when using productivity apps, but switching to the iPad mini from the 12.9-inch iPad Pro was like going from a coffee-table book to a trade paperback. Reading from apps while holding the iPad mini in vertical orientation in one hand was easy and pleasant.”

Apple's new iPad mini brings Apple Pencil support, Retina display and the A12 Bionic chip.
Apple’s new iPad mini brings Apple Pencil support, Retina display and the A12 Bionic chip

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MacDailyNews Take: We can definitely see how Apple’s small, relatively light, fast iPad mini would be attractive as devices for kids, reading, and note-taking.

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  1. My mom wants a new mini. I want one, too. I use my mini 4 every day. I know of one co-worker who wants one for her mother. Three minis… SOLD!

  2. I loved my older iPad mini UNTIL the second time the screen cracked. Way too easily. I’d only get another one if I felt sure the screen was more dependable.

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