Apple is on a hardware-launching bonanza ahead of its big TV announcement

“Apple has announced three new products so far this week, an unusual spree of releases for the technology giant which usually prefers to reveal new products as part of a flashy stage show,” Kif Leswing writes for CNBC. “This week’s announcements, which include new versions of the iPad Mini, the iPad Air, the iMac and Apple’s AirPods, were made quietly, through press releases posted early in the morning.”

“Apple went on its hardware-launching bonanza to clear out time during a launch event planned for next week,” Leswing writes. “On Monday, instead of spending time talking about incremental hardware updates, Apple now has an entire presentation’s worth of time to make its pitch to consumers about why its online subscription services are worth buying.”

“Apple will soon launch a streaming video service, CNBC reported last month, which includes free original TV shows as well as a subscription platform for media companies to stream content through Apple’s TV app on iPhones, iPads and the Apple TV,” Leswing writes. “Apple is also expected to release a subscription news service as part of its Apple News app. Code snippets discovered in a recent version of iOS, the iPhone’s operating system, suggests that magazine and news content will be bundled into a single subscription.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Clearing the decks for takeoff!


    1. I too but, you know what? People don’t need MacPro for streaming stuff; All they need is Cook’s iPad. This tells me no MacPro, unfortunately.

  1. In his announcements, Jobs imbued watchers, and me, with a confidence for positive outcomes. Post-Jobs, I have confidence in negative outcomes, that releases will be much delayed, and fear that goods and services will have problems from irritating to serious. It’s a perception that I can’t shake.

  2. I thought for sure these “last two expected items” would finish out the week with Thursday / Friday announcements. Well, there’s always tomorrow. I think the H1 chip is a good sign of future in/on/over-ear phones to come. I imagine the H2 chip design is finalized already. As for the new Mac Pro, I’m guessing we’ll have to wait until June to hear/ see it and fall for ordering/ shipping. Time will tell.

  3. Sure yeah all hardware updates except one we’ve been waiting 6-7 years for, is the most neglected and we’re in the most dire need for – a new Mac Pro.

    (Sound of impatient foot tapping…)

    1. I have a friend who makes his living from photography and video – and has done so for decades. He currently uses a high-end iMac. No problem.

      What do you do that you are in dire need of a new Mac Pro?

      1. Your friend doesn’t speak for me.

        How about a larger monitor with height adjustment? or at least a matching Apple Display?
        How about a much more capable graphics card?
        How about multiple internal drives?
        How about convenient forward facing ports to plug in peripherals?
        How about dedicated digital audio ports?
        How about a reasonable price tag?
        How about user repair or upgrades?
        How about a wired full keyboard?

        Apple doesn’t deserve its former level of respect if premium fashion prices for old locked down “good enough” configurations is all they offer. I think Apple needs to fire its Mac executive team. Any decent product manager would be excited to offer better user focused hardware. A speed bump doesn’t fix the many things that make the iMac a highly compromised design that doesn’t work for everyone.

  4. (from the article photo). Tell Tim to wipe that smile off his face until Apple can start regularly shipping functional products, on-time, on-budget, and with timely updates.

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