Facebook and Google rush to remove live-streamed footage of New Zealand mass murder

“Facebook and YouTube are working to remove ‘violent footage’ of the New Zealand mass shootings,” Saqib Shah reports for Engadget. “The gunman — who killed 49 people and injured 20 in shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch — appeared to livestream his attack to Facebook using a head-mounted GoPro camera. ”

“Facebook has confirmed that local law enforcement ‘alerted it to a video on Facebook shortly after the livestream commenced.’ It said it had removed the unverified video along with the shooter’s Facebook and Instagram accounts,” Shah reports. “‘We’re also removing any praise or support for the crime and the shooter or shooters as soon as we’re aware,’ said Mia Garlick, a Facebook spokesperson in New Zealand. In a tweet, YouTube said: ‘Please know we are working vigilantly to remove any violent footage.'”

“A 28-year-old man has been charged with murder and will appear in court on Saturday morning, police confirmed. Three other suspects, two men and one woman, have also been taken into custody, according to the police,” Shah reports. “The alleged gunman identified himself online as Brenton Tarrant ahead of the shooting on a now-removed Twitter account, according to The Guardian. His tweets included numerous photos of machine gun magazines and a link to an alleged manifesto for his actions, which was also shared on 8chan, a highly-controversial messageboard platform. New Zealand Police have not confirmed if Tarrant is the man charged with murder.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to the tragedy via Twitter: “Devastated by the reports out of New Zealand. The community in Christchurch is in our hearts, as are all affected by this horrific attack. ‘I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.’ – MLK


  1. If we make guns illegal, just banned them outright, no one would get shot anymore.

    That’s why prohibition worked so well for alcohol, how we eradicated embezzlement, robbery, rape, and jaywalking, not to mention it stopped people from doing drugs.

    1. Try not to be more stupid that you already are.

      The US has gun deaths WAY beyond any other western nation… both accidental and murder. You idiots don’t even prevent those on the terrorist watch list buying guns.

        1. Countries with much lower access to guns than the US have much lower death rates.

          Countries with high gun ownership but much stricter controls than the US, like Switzerland, have much lower death rates.

          And no – it’s not in “inner city democrat strongholds”.

          See #6 on this page, showing the US waaaaay out on its own:

          And #5 showing the worst states. Oh, look, the worst are all fine right-wing Christian areas.

          Excellent detailed information available here — more than 150,000 shootings plotted…

          1. Sean you realize you posted a video that proves craftie’s point at the 3;33 point. Plus VOX really manipulated the data there. Case in point there are an estimated self defense use of a firearm of up to 1 million times a year. But justified usage by civilians is lumped into the homicide rate. In addition did you notice the “burglary” rate is MUC higher in countries with very strict gun laws or outright bans? Wonder why? Now if you break that down into other violent crimes you’ll see that countries with extremely strict or bans have much higher rates of violent crimes.

            1. All important points and no need to repeat. It always amazes me when a liberal looks at the same data as a conservative, cherry picks to fit a party belief and is totally incapable of an OBJECTIVE and FAIR analysis. You and I don’t have that problem…

        1. So US customs should just give up trying to stop the circulation of raw heroin and other opiates because “people are the problem, not to the drugs”?
          Total. Moral. Bankruptcy.

            1. No TXUSER, the topic is gun control after a mass shooting, again and again.

              The color of the shooter is totally irrelevant. Does it matter the color of shooters in Chicago with the highest murder rate? We are all equal in God’s eye.

              Get a grip, PC liberal…

            2. I agree that we are all equal in God’s sight, but I’m not the one claiming that mass murder by white nationalists isn’t a problem we should address. I never claimed that some white supremicists are really good people. I didn’t attack a Federal District Judge because his father was born in Mexico (and became a citizen years before the President’s mother). I didn’t label people lawfully seeking asylum as rapists and drug lords. I didn’t ignore the fact that most Americans who have died since 2001 in mass attacks were killed by white American citizens. If we do not acknowledge white supremicists as a threat, we will just keep seeing more Wisconsins, Charlestons, Pittsburghs, and Christchurches. If you aren’t interested in solutions, you are clearly a part of the problem.

            3. GoeB 8:44 time stamp “Like countries “with much lower access” to illegal opioids works?”

              GoeB 8:50 time stamp “Spare us the liberal deflection, brainless. The topic is gun control. Please try to keep up with the rest of the class…

              I’m struggling to find a finer example of denial, hypocrisy and rank stupidity as a metaphor for the #kakistocratic hell hole you aspire to create.
              Keep up…with what? A dinosaur? A throwback with a SHOUTING COMPLEX?

            4. “but I’m not the one claiming that mass murder by white nationalists isn’t a problem we should address.”

              Nor am I ignoring “white nationalists,” nor am I ignoring Black murderers, Latino MS13 gang member murderers, Muslim MASS shooting murderers, illegal immigrant murderers, et al. Murder is wrong 100% of the time and comes in all colors, duh.

              Your FIXATION for “white nationalists” is right out of the Democrat 2020 election playbook, transparent for all to read. It’s just wrong. Presently fashionable on CNN and other liberal media outlets, college campuses and Democrats running in 2020.

              Obviously you are not interested in a color blind society with equal responsibility. You’re daily mission here is bashing President Trump that you have NEVER given an atomic particle of credit for stellar economic numbers and Republicans in general.

              “Straight white male conservative,” yeah right. Did I tell you I’m a bleeding heart PC liberal… 😆

        2. Yes, people are the problem. US people, apparently according to studies. Since US people are the problem, and can not be trusted with guns, to solve the problem, you take the US people’s guns away.

          Simple solution, really.

      1. I think I’m fine with those that commit suicide. I mean, whether intentional or not, it could be said that if you can’t handle a gun properly, you SHOULD pay a serious price.

    2. hey dumbass, New Zealand doesn’t have “Typically Illogical Democrats”. nor does NZ give a fsck about your rabid love of personal weapons of mass destruction.

      A moment of silence please. We don’t want your politics.

    3. “As I’ve said before, many times, many times – we should arm ALL Muslims with guns, so that a ‘good guy’ can kill a ‘bad guy’!….oh wait!”

    4. I highly applaud your common sense. Something seriously lost on the newly elected female Democrat media starlets.

      Wikipedia: “Gun laws in New Zealand focus mainly on vetting firearm owners, rather than registering firearms or banning certain types of firearms.”

      Now that is gold standard COMMON SENSE.

      The shooter was not on police radar or a terrorist watch list. Like my brother is fond of saying, one day another law abiding citizen just snapped.

      As you pointed out, on the books are various laws to prevent all the crimes you listed. Do they work?

      Of course not! CRIMINALS do not OBEY LAWS. Wake up Democrats. Hello, any light in the attic?

      If you want to stop mass shootings the SOLUTION is very simple. Like arguments before the Supreme Court it should be LIMITED to 30 minutes for both sides to argue their case.

      Show the video in court, link it to the criminal and his actions, and guilty in ten minutes. No ridiculous appeals dragging on for years for lawyers and courts to make more money on overtime because it is an open and shut case. The media reports on the death penalty execution and the world citizens are on alert.

      You take a life, you forfeit your life…

      1. The shooter in this case live-streamed it for publicity and said specifically that he wanted to get caught so the media would report on his trial. Deterrence does not work in a case like that, or in the case of a hothead who uses a gun because it is available when he is drunk or angry, or in the case of an intentional killer who plans not to be caught. You have to stop those crimes by making them more difficult to commit.

        Your “solution” would prevent very few murders, but would guarantee the execution of innocent people. Limiting the prosecution to thirty minutes would allow most complex crimes to go unpunished.

        Most of all, of course, it would make a mockery of the United States Constitution (and comparable due process requirements in other non-authoritarian nations). I suppose it would work fine for zealous supporters of President Putin and his oligarch friends at home and abroad. To paraphrase, “You take a constitutional right, you forfeit your constitutional rights.”

        1. “Your “solution” would prevent very few murders, but would guarantee the execution of innocent people.”

          Are you out of your fricken mind!!!

          You are referring to the “innocent people” gunned down worshipping at church. When you remove the rose colored glasses, if criminals knew in advance swift justice would commence and you would be executed immediately for taking lives, you are saying that is not a solution? Let’s give it a try.

          Makes total sense and saves taxpayers money. Get a grip Libtard…

        2. The certainty of immediate death didn’t stop the overwhelming majority of mass shooters who kill themselves (or commit suicide by cop) as the finale of their attacks. Are you suggesting that we hang their corpses in chains?

          In my 30 years as a prosecutor, I hardly ever met a criminal who was expecting to be caught when he committed a crime. The few exceptions were career criminals who didn’t care if they got caught. As you keep repeating ad nauseum about the gun laws, criminals don’t care about laws. That is what makes them criminals.

          I support long sentences (and in extreme cases, capital punishment) to incapacitate violent criminals so they cannot victimize anyone else, and as retributive justice for the victims. However, I am under no illusion that harsh sentences have a significant deterrent effect on other criminals. I simply did not see that in my experience.

          Abolishing due process in favor of allowing summary executions by the police, the military, or Bikers for Whoever is such a blatantly fascist notion that I am hardly surprised that its proponent does not think the world in general, and America in particular, has a problem with white nationalists.

          1. “The certainty of immediate death didn’t stop the overwhelming majority of mass shooters who kill themselves (or commit suicide by cop) as the finale of their attacks.”

            We have absolutely NO “certainty of immediate death” in the USA. What country do you live in? We have activists on the left, the ACLU and the liberal media fighting against it daily, costing the taxpayers millions to house and feed murderer scumbags the rest of their lives. Get a grip.

            In an obtuse twist of fate, you might say the mass shooters that took their own lives did not risk “immediate death” for heinous crimes and took care of it THEMSELVES. Certainly a better solution for taxpayers than we have now in the courts and on CNN.

            Excluding a very small percentage of shooters that take their own lives, the overwhelming majority of gun murders would face “the certainty of immediate death” if justice was swift and everyone knew it was universal policy. Like I said, give it a try we have NOTHING to lose. The murder rate would certainly fall, how could it not simply defies common sense.

            “As you keep repeating ad nauseum about the gun laws, criminals don’t care about laws. That is what makes them criminals.”

            It really killed you to agree with me. 😆 Hence, the snide mocking comment that makes you feel better, yet I could not care less. But NO, stay on topic without another deflection. Criminals don’t care about gun laws when they murder someone because no certainty of a death penalty and swift justice exists. Maybe they bank on being famous, get a book or movie deal and possibly Susan Sarandon will visit them in prison for a little TLC. Room and board for life at taxpayer expense is a total waste of good money for no good reason.

            BTW, because of your biased posts and words that betray your claims — I no more believe you worked as a prosecutor than you are a straight conservative. I should say sorry to be polite, but in your case will make an exception…

          2. In addition:

            “Bikers for Whoever is such a blatantly fascist notion”

            TxUSER is “such a blatantly fascist” snide liberal and not a notion working for the Democratic Party daily…

  2. Of course it’s a white supremacist terrorist that did this. I warned people here before that if this Trump love kept happening then some racist terrorist would do someting like this. No one listened and nearly 50 people are dead.

    1. Oh so a white supremacist finally did something that the muslims have being doing continually for years?

      It’s funny, I didn’t realize Trump was also the president of New Zealand.

        1. My response was to the “Of course it’s a white supremacist terrorist”

          As if that is something that we’ve had to deal with for years.

          I’m not saying anything about “entitlement violence” or them “deserving it” just the facts that this is straight out of the muslim handbook.

          You can’t spin facts.

        2. If you really were crafty, you would have noticed that we HAVE been dealing with white supremicist terrorists for years. I don’t think the KKK in 1866, 1921, 1963, or today got anything from a Muslim handbook. Nor did any of the white Christians who have shot up, bombed, or burned houses of worship frequented by American Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, AME Methodists, etc. The number of such events has been steadily rising in the last few years. You may not have noticed, or may not care, but you can’t spin facts.

          As for “something Muslims have been doing continually for years,” a relatively small proportion of mass-casualty victims in this country since September 2001 were killed by Muslims, and almost all of the shooters were legal permanent residents of the United States.

          It might be a good idea to see where the real national (indeed, international) emergency is, rather than just making one up and then dismissing white extremism as not a serious problem.

    1. U.S. President Donald Trump condemned the “horrible massacre” at two mosques in New Zealand on Friday, a deadly attack that killed 49 people in what the White House called a “vicious act of hate.”

      “My warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of New Zealand after the horrible massacre in the Mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died, with so many more seriously injured. The U.S. stands by New Zealand for anything we can do”

      Gee. I wonder when the misinformed will keep hoping for more hate.

        1. “Trump had to wait until most every other world leader spoke before his intern could tweet the weakest possible press release.”

          President Trump IS the world leader and waits for no one. His response was superlative and if he had communications staff assistance, gee, name one president who did not. Your insinuation he was late and needs intern help is nothing more than a partisan cheap shot. Whatever…

  3. Why aren’t commenters talking about how this shooting was live streamed and the role of streaming media and sites like facebook, YouTube, Twitter, reddit, Gab, and the like, in spreading hate, instead of slamming people for political view with which they disagree? You would hope that the desirability of slowing the spread of violent extremist ideologies is something we could agree on. A mad mad killed 49 human beings, and all we can come up with is to espouse partisan political arguments.

  4. I’m from Australia and I had a look at NZ’s gun laws and anyone over the age of sixteen can possess a firearm if they pass various security checks and they can then be issued with a gun licence for up to ten years.

    Likewise if a person doesn’t fail any of these tests then they can possess at least one firearm and that includes semi-automatic weapons.

    I expect that gun laws in “Enzed” will be changed as a result of this senseless massacre.

    In Australia after the massacre in Port Arthur, Tasmania we had a gun buy back scheme and we haven’t had a massacre since then. However, gun ownership has been on the rise again in the land of Oz. I hope this spurs our “polis” to move again on this issue because I can imaging what our Rugby nutters are going through because I can still remember the carthartic experience Australia and I don’t ever want to go through that again.

    I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have access to firearms but they need to be strictly controlled and that does minimise gun deaths. If you have people walking around with guns will nilly then gun incidents do happen and in Australia we have the statistics to prove it. Since Port Arthur in 1996 there has been one random multiple gun massacre.

    1. We wouldn’t want a law-abiding citizenry to be able to ever confront an overreaching, out-of-control government, now would we? We prefer to be helpless pawns controlled by our government masters here down under.


      1. Capitalist General George Washington needed guns to set free the Colonies from the more powerful economic Capitalist and occupier King George of Great Britain. Then GW and his friends and successors used guns to oppress slaves. Then much later they used guns to take over the world with economic capitalism and committed huge massacres of humans overseas which continues now. N. Korea and Iran are furiously making WMDs in a desperate attempt to prevent the US from Iraqicizing and Lybiazing their nations.

      2. Hey Guns: then if people are the problem, and unrestricted freedoms is your ideal solution, then why aren’t you Pro-choice? why not let TV media companies air violence and hedonism without any restriction? why not let drug dealers and big pharma run wild? why not let food companies off the hook to sell anything without accurate labeling or safety standards? why not abandon the expensive military and let private citizens arm themselves at the military surplus sales? why have restrictive traffic controls or speed limits? why don’t we all save our precious taxpayer money on education and instead just issue every newborn a crusty old bible because that’s all the education that you are willing to spend for your society?

        Libertarianism sounds great, until you use your adult brain. Then you realize that no matter how big a gun you think you have, somebody else will steamroll you into the dustbin of history unless there is a rule of law enforcing reasonable rules of civility.

        you cannot enforce rules of society by condoning unrestricted personal arms escalation.

        moreover, the law isn’t in place to prevent 100% of all wrongdoing. that will always be impossible. however justice in the hands of proper authorities instead of frontier vigilantes like you has always provided more just outcomes. that is why in response to a psychotic mass murderer, civilized nations don’t jump up and advocate more guns are better. Civilized people look for ways to resolve psychotic behavior, which of course costs taxpayers money and means refined laws to do stuff like taking guns away from deranged sociopaths.

        think about it.

  5. Hi Guns aren’t the problem,

    In the US it’s open slather when it comes to guns and look at the number of massacres. Who knows how many have happened in America. I for one have lost count.

    Out of control governments, what about out of control nutters and extremists; and that’s what the problem is in America. For crying out loud, you have little kids at school being gunned down (do you want to arm them) as well as adolescents. Too many deaths for far too long and it’s so common now that a lot of the time it isn’t reported. Out of control governments are the problem, um, er, no. It’s a lack of regulation that is the problem.

      1. the post at time stamp 7:09 am demonstrates perfectly how to forfeit a debate. when you have no facts on your side and no respect for anyone else, then personal attacking is the last refuge of the illogical right wing loser.

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