President Trump says he purposely condensed Apple CEO Tim Cook as ‘Tim Apple’ to save time

“President Trump said he purposely condensed the name of Apple CEO Tim Cook as ‘Tim Apple’ as a time-saving measure during a White House meeting and blamed the ‘Fake News’ for making him look bad for it,” Mark Moore reports for The New York Post. “‘At a recent round table meeting of business executives, & long after formally introducing Tim Cook of Apple, I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple as an easy way to save time & words,’ Trump posted on his Twitter page. ‘The Fake News was disparagingly all over this, & it became yet another bad Trump story!'”

“People immediately called out the slip of the tongue on Twitter, and Cook even poked fun at the president the next day by updating his Twitter profile by replacing his last name with the Apple logo,” Moore reports.

“But the White House’s official transcript of the president’s remarks at the meeting covered up the mistake, caught clearly on videotape, by using punctuation,” Moore reports. “‘I used to say, ‘Tim, you got to start doing it over here.’ And you really have. I mean, you’ve really put a big investment in our country. We appreciate it very much, Tim — Apple,’ the president said, according to the White House’s [official transcript].”

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MacDailyNews Take: This level of minutiae is beneath even our threshold.

President Trump calls Apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’ instead of Tim Cook – March 7, 2019


  1. What an idiot! First he denies saying it. Then apparently he’s told it’s on video, so now he says it was on purpose.

    This has happened a number of times before. He says something outrageous in a video’d interview. He get harsh criticism for it, and then denies saying it. It’s pointed out that it’s on “the tape”, so he says it was misinterpreted, or fake news. Fake news he said.

    This would all be a joke if it weren’t so serious a problem.

      1. Maga man, dont waste your time on idiots. This site is packed with them, extremist fanatic fools who are completely blind to what they are! They go on spewing out garbage left and right while believing they are suprior elites. The typical brainwashed, ignorant, delusional dem!

        This place has turned into a congrgation of mostly losers. Bitter, grumpy farts who have nothing better to do in their lives than to whine, complain and spew out irrational crap. It makes them feel important.

        As a result the participation at this site is dwindling and those left are the useless bottom dwelling Orvelian intolerant shit heads who believe they are the openminded progressive critical thinkers . (A Huge LOL on that )

        Its pathetic yet dangerous.

        Bunch of asinine handout loving, brainwashed, hypocritical, jealous fools who’s fanatism would make them shoot thenselves in the foot rather than admit/accept a positive from someone not on their brainwashed cultist bs lib camp.

        So spare yourself and ignore the fools.

          1. You should be scared of the delusional state of mind you guys exist in .
            Brainwashed fanaticism !
            All you have to do is read the stupid , senseless comments of the libs.

        1. I agree, there are a lot of really dumm people on this site who pipe up with self important comments ALL THE TIME! These people are a horrible waste of space, with little of true import to add. It’s ironic!

      2. I honestly never saw what the big deal was. People forget or make mistakes all the time. This is mostly the media reaction. HOWEVER, that bigger issue is Donnie doesn’t seem to be able to admit a mistake… and gasp laugh about the gaff.

        Just say… yes, I know… oops. but I think you all knew what I meant, right? Come back with sarcasm… instead of fighting it. YOU WANT someone who’s willing to make mistakes… and be open enough to correct them. It’s the lying and deceit that get me, personally. You can’t trust someone who doesn’t admit to small gaffs like this.

        The media knows Trump will overreact, so they push his buttons. Sure, they’re making him look like a fool, but he’s always playing right into his hands… time… after time.

  2. I’ve rarely if ever heard Trump screw up a name and he names everyone in the press corps, let alone every world leader, let alone anyone, just fine. OBAMA, read nearly every single thing you ever heard from him from a teleprompter, no doubt written for him. MDN is spot on, The idea that anyone thinks that Trump doesn’t know Cooks last name is ridiculous and if Trump making a slip gets you wet,, you’re nuts. In the meantime every poster here that does not support Trump has AOC “the braintrust” in their squad, one of the most naive people in congress who HATES the USA. What is this country coming to. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder, MAGA

    1. So your argument is that “Liberalism is a mental disorder,” and I am supposed to take your debate as both factual and significant to the topic?

      1. Well it has for sure ‘become’ a mental disorder!
        But you have the prerogative to deny that.
        It’s your life.
        Or you can open your eyes and jump off the ‘fanaticism’ band wagon and allow yourself some freedom from the brainwashing machine, the biased cunning media which has turned this country into a chaotic mess with the ignorant fools following in droves.

      1. and this has what to do with Don Prez?

        do you feel someone repects you when instead of admitting a totally forgivable brain lapse, you are later told that your name had to be cut to save a fraction of a second????

        just another lame coverup excuse from a serial liar. in his budget, he lies about economic performance to attempt to cover up the debt load he created for taxpayers. that’s how he operates.

        let’s shorten his name to Don Liar. every body would know who that is.

          1. You should be happy then that there are no slimy libs. all the libs are more interested in health and happiness of citizens, and are mostly clean.

            Conservitards have proven time and time again to be corrupt self serving slimeballs out to enrich themselves. They gerrymandered to extremes to get majority in the senate. Or look at Individual #1, for example, currently under investigation and 3 dozen lawsuits. To further underscore republican corruption, note how they refuse to publish their tax returns, using falsehoods for excuses. Senator Warren puts hers on her website.

            “Truth”, you come here to expose your politics and stupidity. But who do you think you’re fooling? Anybody with a brain can see you have no facts to demonstrate Trump’s corruption will serve the US better than anyone. Warren would be a marked improvement and we all know that the senate will never do anything to hinder the profiteering of their campaign donors. Get it?

    2. “The idea that anyone thinks that Trump doesn’t know Cooks last name is ridiculous”

      Total straw man argument. No one believes that. It’s the coverup that says more about the man than anything. No one cares that he called Tim Cook Tim Apple. It happens. But that he lied in a fundraiser that he said “Cook” really fast, shows an aspect of his personality. He can’t even admit to the most meaningless mistake. That’s what has given this meaningless mistake a life of its own.

    3. Like when he called Marillyn Hewson (the Lockheed CEO) Marillyn Lockheed? Or when he kept calling Paul Ryan by the name Ron? Or called Rick Perry, Jim Perry? Or John Hinckley David Hinckley? Or when he kept calling Paradise, CA Pleasure, CA? Yeah, it’s rare.

  3. Really “Tim Apple” is a nothing burdler.

    However “I meant to do that,” after denying doing it, is kind of – the reaction is worse than the offense.

      1. dave, you could keep your doctor right up until republicans blocked federal and state funding for the changeover costs, and scum sucking insurance companies used the ACA as an excuse to gouge customers.

        let me guess, you subscribe to the incredibly selfish and uneconomical belief that dumbass citizens who insist on being uninsured and uninformed must be allowed to access medicare and emergency services despite never paying into the system ever. do you know how many billions that the rest of us have to pay to treat these freeloaders at emergency rooms?

        actual health costs will decline per person with the ACA if people use preventative medicine covered by their health insurance even if they are too stupid to have wanted insurance. every economic projection shows there is no other plan that makes significantly better sense. Republicans have had 9 years to propose something better but of course they have nothing to offer.

        1. “you have to kidding” you’re really drinking the Obama care koolaid. My family deductible was $2500 a year. Because of Obama care it went up to $13,200 the highest allowed by Obama care, it devastated our healthcare provided by my company. We also lost of doctor for many years as he wouldn’t accept it. So now we have to pay cash for care and our once really good policy was turned into a a catastrophic plan due to the high deductible. You’re too stupid to see a disaster right in front of you or have an honest discussion on it.

      2. Oh my god. False equivalence. Equivocating on word choice vs everything being a flat out lie. Give me a break. Donnie is a liar liar liar liar liar! The only people who don’t know this are too stupid to see it.

      3. There is a term in management, a pattern of behavior. The stronger the pattern the lower the offense needs to be in order to deem the employee untrustworthy and unemployable. I think it’s safe to say this is a straw safely added to the camels back.

    1. why do you incessantly type nuff said? you want to have the last word? you can’t spell? your dog just said nuff? what is the point of this big nothing burger you type all the time?

      Trump is senile, and has been for years. without a teleprompter, Trump’s words are less congruous than a squirrel’s.


  4. I mean, that the pres. of the United States of America feels compelled to take time to remedy this triviality, geez.

    He finally did one good thing by agreeing with Western allies to leave a contingent of 400 troops in Rojava to protect good Kurds in Kurdistan. I absolutely love Rojava’s PYD’s secular militia, the YPG/YPJ. By contrast, the very corrupt Kurds are in Iraq. They partner up with Islamo-fascist Recep of Turkey.

  5. Mr. Dingler, that is one of the most astonishing misstatements I have ever heard. Recep Erdogan gets along with the Kurds about as well as Hitler got along with the Jews or Bibi Natanyahu gets along with the Palestinians.

    1. I resemble that comment! I am highly untended by it. I will have you know I am PERSONAL FRIENDS with Recep and he is a VERY nice man. He loves the Kurds, it goes perfectly with his Whey, and you’d better believe it is his whey or the high whey.

      There’s a lot of misspeakingness about Recep, he’s very artistic and a very humble man. He’s also a true feminist.

      God Save the Turks, land of the cable car from one ideology to another. Recep the brave, I salute you!

  6. It doesn’t matter if he knows his name or not, ultimately if he’d just said it was a slip of the tongue there wouldn’t be anything more to say. To come out and try and say it was some sort of time saving thing is insane. Even if we knew he was doing it at the time it doesn’t even make sense. It’s just stupid. As it is, he’s made himself look stupid whatever the actual truth is.

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