Taking RAW photos with your iPhone

“You can take RAW photos with your iPhone, you just can’t do it with the default Camera app,” Gary Rosenzweig writes for MacMost.

“Apple does allow third-party apps to access the hardware and software needed to take RAW photos, so you can use one of the many options to do it,” Rosenzweig writes. “RAW photos provide a lot more flexibility than HEIC or JPEG photos, but with a much larger file size.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Halide – RAW Manual Camera by Chroma Noir is an iOS-only app that’s an absolute steal for just $5.99. Get it for your iPhone if you’re the least bit serious about photography.

The power of shooting RAW photographs on iPhone X – December 6, 2017


  1. I take savagely RAW and progressively artistic photos of the private parts of my client’s progressive thoughts, and it is quite thrilling.

    My clients trust me never to abuse my ownership of these images because I am a progressive who can be implicitly trusted.

    Trust me, I’m a socialist AOC-loving progressive, and if you don’t like it, Chuck U Schumer!!

  2. RAW photos from “normal” digital cameras are much better than jpegs because supposedly (supposedly, because not all manufacturers RAW files are losslessly compressed, etc.) they contain all the data right off the sensor.

    But modern smartphones, such as the newer iPhones, Pixel’s etc., use computational photography, which often uses up to 8 separate images to compose one final image. That final image is usually dramatically better than what a RAW file straight off the sensor is giving you.

    I’ve tested this a number of times, using Lightroom, and other iOS photo apps, and often, Apple’s photo was better than what I could achieve with the RAW, no matter where I processed it.

    Just a word to the wise here. I ran a commercial photo lab for over 20 years. So I do understand this pretty well.

    1. Um…Raw in Snapseed app is way superior to the computational file…if…you like editing. They are flat in contrast and saturation tho’ some sharpening happens anyway. I can resize a raw file nearly twice the jpeg without artefacts. Same goes for Halide and ProCam raw files. Not perfect but well worth it for ultimate quality.
      iOS Lightroom I struggle to get constant results with raw.

  3. Just wanted to give kudos to Gary Rosenzweig for plugging away at making Mac related videos, focusing on specific apps and features (episode 1866 ? … wow) . . . it seems that a lot of Youtube creators are trying to get hits (“Here’s what ‘I’ think of the new iPhone!”) . . . whereas Gary will cover a topic, even if its for a niche audience. Thanks Gary.

  4. I also want to shout out to kudos to Gary Rosenzweig – his speaks slowly and coherently in his well-done videos, and shows he cares about his topics and his viewing audience!
    We are fortunate to have Gary.

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