Guy Kawasaki learned these counter-intuitive principles from working with Steve Jobs

“Guy Kawasaki had the opportunity to work directly with Steve Jobs. He has gone on to be a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, author, startup advisor and evangelist for many great brands and a serial founder himself,” Alejandro Cremades writes for Forbes. “I recently had the honor of hosting Guy in an exclusive interview on the DealMakers Podcast.”

“Guy Kawasaki got a job at Apple when it was selling for around 50 cents a share. Can you imagine getting that deal today?” Cremades writes. “He eventually was offered three jobs at Apple. He quit twice. The last time he turned down Steve Jobs. If you can believe it, Guy says the one piece of advice he’d go back in time to give himself before launching his own ventures would be to stay at Apple!”

Cremades writes, “Here are the three counter-intuitive principles learned from his time at Apple.”

1) Your current customers can’t tell you how to create a revolution.
2) Design counts.
3) Hire people who are better than you.

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MacDailyNews Take: Hoo boy, Guy would have been quite well off with those AAPL stock options!

Read the full article in which Kawasaki says there have been only three true visionaries in the history of American business, of of whom was Steve Jobs.


  1. “Yet, despite meeting his cofounders (and wife) at Apple, Guy says he only believes there are three true visionaries in the history of American business.”

    Steve Jobs
    Walt Disney
    Elon Musk

    That’s a pretty short term view of American business visionaries.

    While I’m happy Guy was smart enough to leave Gates off the list, It would have been better to call these “Modern Day” or “Info Age” visionaries. Because there we’re some pretty damn visionary businessMEN in the last 100yrs, Ford, Edison, Hughes, Northrop, to name a just a handful.

  2. Some people who are currently quite prominent in the U.S. political system appear to believe that there is no one better than himself at pretty much anything. Thus, by definition, he can never satisfy #3. Ever.

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