Why Apple iPhones are the future of pet care

“The smart pet market is predicted to become a $22 billion industry by 2025, and the innovations we will see in that market will reach into human lives,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Connected pet care reaches further than services such as PetBnB or Tailwise, which link owners and pets with things they need,” Evans writes. “Useful as they are, they’re scratching the surface of what’s possible as mobile technology reaches the animal kingdom.”

“Put it this way, millions of U.S. iPhone owners already use their Apple devices to track and improve their personal health. They use the Activity app and use Health Records to share data with medical professionals,” Evans writes. “Why can’t we do this with our pets? Indeed, given that pet care isn’t quite as heavily regulated (though the industry is highly professionalized), it’s possible we will soon look to that sector for signs of what’s to come in human healthcare.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Read the full article for links to solutions such as smart pet accessories, monitors, and more. This would be a great avenue for Apple to explore. Imagine Pet Health and Pet Activity apps from Apple that work much like the Health and Activity apps do for humans.


  1. I got my pit bull and Android. I figured, he’s a dog, he won’t care. He threw that shit back at me so fast. First of all there’s no way he’s gonna be locked out of my movies and music.

  2. Litigation Alert!
    A animal rights lawyer will file a class action suit in behalf of dogs are tracked but who never gave permission to be tracked.

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