Video: Everything new in Apple’s iOS 12.2 beta 4 for iPhone and iPad

“Apple has released iOS 12.2 beta 4 to developers, it comes with a number of notable changes over the past three beta releases,” Andrew O’Hara writes for AppleInsider.

“There is a great deal arriving in iOS 12.2 such as Apple News arriving in Canada, and a quartet of new Animoji characters,” O’Hara writes. “Monday’s beta update had a few notable changes, but mostly cleans up issues introduced in the past that have made headlines.”

“One of the first noticable changes is a refreshed icon for Apple News,” O’Hara writes. “It is now a stark white icon with a red ‘N’ emblazoned in the center.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Which, if any, changes in iOS 12.2 beta 4 do you like or not like?


  1. The “N” on the news app is a money style of font used on US currency. Look at the “N” on US currency. It’s only one time only design though, and no indication that Ive is switching to fat fonts in body text.

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