Pipeline: Should Apple investors believe Tim Cook’s promises of innovation?

“Apple recently hosted its annual stockholder meeting, during which Tim Cook, who has served as the company’s CEO since 2011, offered some encouraging words about the company’s future product and services pipeline,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool.

Eassa writes, “Here’s the relevant excerpt from Bloomberg‘s report of the shareholder meeting: ‘Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said he has ‘never been more optimistic’ about where the company is today and where it’s heading. In a pep talk to investors, Cook said the iPhone maker is ‘planting seeds’ and ‘rolling the dice’ on future products that will just ‘blow you away.'”

“So if you’re an Apple shareholder or you’re thinking of becoming one, you might ask yourself the following: Should I believe Tim Cook’s claims?” Eassa writes. “There’s strong evidence to suggest that you should.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tim Cook is not blowing smoke. Truly disruptive innovation takes years, but Apple will continue to deliver transformative products in the future that will amaze and delight users worldwide!

Tim Cook says Apple is ‘planting seeds’ and ‘rolling the dice’ on future products that will ‘blow you away’ – March 1, 2019


  1. Tim Cook says many things, mostly “empty hyping” with no substance in them.
    “never been more optimistic”
    “planting seeds”
    “rolling the dice”
    “blow you away.”
    “they are all in the pipeline”
    “selling through the roof”
    These are words uttered by the CEO of the world largest tech company. He loves hyping with empty words but nothing really materialized so far and that’s why I do not trust him. Maybe some brilliant employees are going back to the basic and eventually going to come up with brilliant products. Let’s hope so as that’s the only thing we can do, just “hope”. From the way Tim Cook blows his horn, it sounds like we could expect earth-shattering products. Again, let’s hope so.
    In the meantime, Tim Cook and his buddies would do anything to maintain their stock option value. If and when it really gets hopeless, only then, suddenly, they all abandon the ship.

    1. This is exactly why Cook can’t be trusted.

      Like airbrain Trump, it’s obvious Cook doesn’t have a firm grasp of any situation. He knows no details whatsoever. He’s just parroting catchphrases that he thinks his base wants to hear, and repeating them over and over and over and over and over. The low information receiver thinks repetition of vague declarations is equivalent to fact. That’s why the most effective liars sound like a broken record. Their stories are static, when in the real world things are constantly changing.

    2. You beat me to it listing all the empty rah-rah promises. Cook had no choice with so many calling for his ouster. Timed transparent PR promise BLITZ to keep his job, nothing more. The only ones that don’t see it are king of the thin-skin BLIND fanboys. The sooner Cook is gone or reassigned from the CEO post, the faster Apple can move forward from the DELAGATOR to a CREATIVE tech leader…

      1. Kind of like Trump’s moronic “Hope and Change” campaign slogan, I can’t believe how many simple minded idiots fell for that empty, broken record catchphrase repeated over and over.

  2. I don’t quite trust Tim Cook’s claims and neither does anyone else. He talks like a typical company’s CEO and is likely exaggerating about coming products or because he is ignorant of what other companies are doing. I think all companies have some unusual concept products but it’s just hard to get them into production and make money from them.

    I’m not necessarily looking for innovative products and would actually just prefer solidly-built and long-lasting products. I would never push for Apple to be changing to new designs every year as it seems rather wasteful. I think trying to please tech-heads is stupid because they’re never satisfied. This current folding-smartphone frenzy is absolutely ridiculous to me. Thinking a company that doesn’t offer a folding smartphone is going to fail is preposterous, especially at those high prices.

    1. Fine – you may not “…quite trust Tim Cook’s claims.” But why do you feel the need (and the authority) to state that “…neither does anyone else”?

      Personally, I believe that Apple is working on many amazing R&D efforts, and that some small percentage of those will, in time, come to fruition. I am also tired of the pervasive negativity in this forum. Some of the negativity is based on legitimate concerns regarding Mac Pro development and the regular, incremental upgrades across all Macs. But much of the negativity is based on little more than personal preferences regarding social norms (e.g., LGBTQ), political preferences, and “gut feel.” Much of the anxiety is likely tied in to the oft expressed feeling that Apple has “lost its way” since the death of Steve Jobs. I, too, miss the enthusiasm of Steve Jobs – the magic that he brought to keynote addresses and new product announcements and the brutally honest and refreshing manner in which he responded to interview questions (“we don’t make crap” comes to mind).

      Steve Jobs is not coming back, and no one is likely to replace him, or even a majority of his positive aspects, in the near future. Somehow, the rest of us mortals have to slog through in the absence of his genius.

      1. KingMel: I respect your point of view, and I agree that personal attacks can be annoying as closed minded people here air their ignorance and intolerance.

        However when objectively graded on how well Apple serves users and investors, in both cases Cook’s performance is a pittance compared to his predecessor. He’s coasting. it is obvious to many of us that the extremely small fruition that Apple offers today is ridiculous compared to the prodigious output in quality and quantity that Apple offered under all prior CEOs, all of which operated under dramatically tighter budgets.

        The Mac lineup in particular is an embarrassment, but almost all Apple products are overpriced poor performing objects of fashion over value. Now Apple can’t even maintain its hardware lineups, it’s too busy trying to be a movie studio and a streaming audio service. It didn’t used to be this way. Apple is now fat, dumb, and lazy. If that isn’t alarming to you, then you may have taken too many happy pills.

        1. Mike, Mel …

          Well stated, although I think that there’s another real possibility here, namely that Tim isn’t coasting per se, but is being grossly inattentive to core Apple product lines – – probably because he is “very busy” on his own personal vision that’s consuming R&D resources.

          Simply put, everyone wants to make their mark in the world and Tim’s stuck being the guy who has to follow Steve Jobs. It would only be natural that Tim wants to do something as big and breakthrough as the iPhone.

          And there have been some clues dropped on this path; I think I just saw another this past week on effectively a “Bet the Ranch” high risk secret initiative that Apple is working on.

          Now if this is the case, what does that represent to the various stakeholders of Apple products? YMMV, but its something that one can lose sleep over.

    2. I agree with you. I am not looking for any new earth shattering products etc. I mentioned it simply because Tim Cook said “never been more optimistic”, “planting seeds”, “rolling the dice”, “blow you away” etc. But I am bothered by his empty propaganda particularly the exaggerated hyping, Apple has been overpricing, sealing the boxes to prevent users from accessing them for upgrading, urging to buy new models than repairing, battery gate (planned obsolescence) and so on, all about going after the profit. Only when he finally realized that consumers were repelled by those exorbitant price hikes, did he start running left and right, reducing the price, increasing subsidies to carries, tieing up with Amazon and Costco etc, which Apple never did before. Very reactionary and petty. Lack of honesty and transparency is another thing. I do not have to list all these only to make people here repelled, but I am sure people know what many people are whining about. I do not think anybody ever expected that Tim Cook being comparable with Jobs, but I for one only expect Apple to do just normal things be it regular updating of Mac products or not overly depending on a single mass-market gadget etc. I am not expecting any eye-popping products etc from the current management.

  3. 64 bit ARM, super fast ARM SOC, AW SOC, Face ID, Apple Pay, iPhone cameras, iOS, Pencil, iPad Pro, ECG on Watch. Just off the top of my head. Steve himself said that iPhone was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Even when Steve was with us there were gaps as long as 6 years without major introductions.

    Apple is spending a huge amount on R&D and that is growing. Apple has a huge pool of some of the smartest engineers in the world. We can’t see what they are doing. We can only trust they are doing well. But you have to think they have a great opportunity to do fabulous things.

    1. True, APPL is spending tons of money on R&D … indeed, it was up by a half Billion YoY as per last quarter’s 10-K report.

      But – – where’s the transition of this R&D spending into new/improved products to recoup the investment?

      Sure, there’s been “the usual suspects” of ARM Silicone improvements, but they’re incremental and and iterative R&D Silicon wafer fab runs cost way under $1M each.

      Real products are what’s missing. Case in point, the utter embarrassment of the sustainment for the Mac Pro.

      And this is why there’s been more and more “Real Artists Ship” comments on MDN.

  4. From Bloomberg, the clickbait capital of the Internet. They are laughing all the way to the bank as this thread captures this response and contributes nothing to the needed dialogue.

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