Bluebeam dropping native Mac support – pushing cloud ecosystem instead

“Bluebeam has exclusively talked to Architosh about its plans to drop native macOS support for its super popular Revu application. We have the details on the why and for what purpose,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh. “The good news is: they are doing it for all the right reasons.”

“While the news, on the face of it, feels immediately disappointing, the silver lining in the news amounts to this: the company is focusing their resources on cloud-based solutions that touch far more users more evenly, across various platforms and devices — including Mac,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “From a statement to Architosh: ‘We want to be very honest and upfront about why we’ve made the decision to EOL Revu for Mac. Simply put, we want to commit as many resources as we can to initiatives that will benefit the greatest number of users. While we can’t talk about specific internal numbers, we can tell you that the talent and expertise we are investing represents an incredible boost towards all our customers realizing a data-driven, mobile future.'”

“What we feel is happening around this decision is a sense of increased urgency. Bluebeam now feels the need to increase its investment in building out its cloud-based ecosystem of solutions. The company has formidable competitors in their space,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “While Bluebeam enjoys a healthy market share leadership among the construction industry, in particular, it must continue to innovate at a rapid pace. Nearly all of Bluebeam’s chief competitors are delivering solutions via the cloud (browser + mobile) and this is likely going to be the prevailing model. It doesn’t mean desktop goes away fully in all cases, but what it does mean is that desktop is no longer the chief concern.”

Much more in the full, exclusive article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Cloud-based solutions certainly seem to be the future for this market (and many others).


  1. Bluebeam is a PDF editor used in the construction industry, originated in Pasadena, Ca. bought out by a German cad/3d company, Autodesk and Adobe missed out when they didn’t buy it. They are the worldwide competitor to Autodesk….

    This a big hit against the Mac platform.

    1. Not much of a hit against the Mac since they really never committed to the Mac anyway. I have Bluebeam Revu for the Mac and is a pale cousin to it’s Windows version. Not even close. In fact, it was pretty inadequate compared to Adobe Acrobat. I finally purchased PDF Studio for my PDF editing even though it uses a Windows interface.

    1. Autocad, Navis, and Revit are niche, but they along with most of those type make the Construction, Engineering, 3D world go round, what is the point of a better iPad Pro without high end programs.

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