World’s first 1-terabyte microSD cards debut

“The inexorable march of increasing storage capacities continues today with the announcement of the world’s first 1-terabyte microSD cards,” Sam Byford reports for The Verge.

“Micron and Western Digital’s SanDisk brand have both launched UHS-I microSDXC products today at Mobile World Congress,” Byford reports. “Of the two cards, Western Digital is claiming a performance advantage by citing up to 160MB/s read speed versus 100MB/s for Micron’s. The Micron card’s max write performance is 5MB/s faster at up to 95MB/s, however.”

“The SanDisk card will be available from April for $449.99,” Byford reports. “Pricing for the Micron card hasn’t yet been announced.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: 1TB on something the size of a fingernail!

Some Mac computers feature an SD (Secure Digital) or SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) card slot that lets your Mac read and write data to SD media, such as digital camera memory cards. You can use a passive adapter to make MiniSD, MicroSD, MiniSDHC, and MicroSDHC conform to the width and thickness specifications your Mac requires. More info here.


  1. It’s too bad that Apple, in their ever so obvious way, inches their way to allowing us convenient storage like this on their iOS devices, particularly the iPad.

    They know what they are doing though. Bit by bit, fraction of a feature by fraction of a feature, they bring it closer. The current iPad Pros basically just have a hole where USB-C devices could go, but pretty much nothing but the charger works with it.

    So anyone actually trying to use the iPad Pro as a work device will have to pay their exorbitant memory prices. And the next time they bring out an iPad Pro, they’ll flip the switch and allow us to attach external storage, so iPad users will be motivated to upgrade again.


    Yeah, as MDN says, 1TB on something the size of a thumbnail.

  2. Apple has their own way of selling memory chips/storage with exorbitant prices. Absolutely no SD card slot on iPhone or iPad, which will take away one of their best profit centers.
    Apple’s “memory lane” or the highway.

    1. Apple is doing its best to piss off people who used to trust Apple to offer the best value. Now Apple products all look like the only function Apple wants you to do is stream rental media. Once that is done, Apple stops all hardware improvements and goes to Jony to see if he can make a thinner version in pink brushed alyuminyum and frosty glass.

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