Exclusive Apple Watch Hermès faces set to arrive in watchOS 5.2

“Owners of the Apple Watch Series 4 Hermès editions will be in for a treat with the upcoming watchOS 5.2 update, currently in beta,” Peter Cao reports for 9to5Mac. “The new Apple Watch update will bring a few new watch faces exclusive to the Hermès Series 4 Apple Watch.”

“As discovered by French blog WatchGeneration.fr, owners of the designer Apple Watch will see a new gradient style Hermès watch face in two colors: Cherry/Sakura and Bleu (pink and blue),” Cao reports. “And just like the other Hermès Apple Watch faces for the Series 4, these will adapt based on where the hour and minute hands are… And similar to the other Hermès faces, you’ll be limited to a single complication on the face, only capable of showing the date, a specific time zone or a stopwatch.”

Cao reports, “The new watch faces will require an Apple Watch Series 4 Hermès as well as iOS 12.2 on your iPhone and watchOS 5.2.”

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MacDailyNews Note: They look like this:


    1. I intend to buy an Apple watch (I am an incurable gadget freak) and waiting for the activation of the cardiogram function in Canada. As useful as the Apple watch looks, to me, it is just a consumer gadget and even a disposable item. I am sure Apple will update it every couple of years or so (H/W) to spur the sales and a person like me cannot resist updating it. So, why Hermes or Nike just to jack up the price to insane $2000 or so only to dispose of/sell it in a few years.

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