Ian Bremmer: Apple won’t have a business model in China in 5-10 years

“Apple’s business model in China will probably clash with the desires of Beijing’s authoritarian government, Ian Bremmer predicted on Thursday,” Matt Egan reports for CNN Business. “‘I think that within five to 10 years max, Apple doesn’t have a model in China,’ Bremmer said during a presentation at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit. Bremmer is the president and founder of consulting firm Eurasia Group.”

“Bremmer argues that Apple is the antithesis of what Beijing wants,” Egan reports. “‘Apple is really good at high-end consumer products that have secure data. Why would China want you to have that?’ Bremmer asked. ‘That’s completely opposed to the Chinese model… They are going to ensure that Apple doesn’t have a model in China.'”

“Bremmer struck a more optimistic tone on the US-China trade war. He predicted that the United States would not levy any more tariffs on China on when the ceasefire expires on March 1,” Egan reports. “A deal is coming,’ Bremmer said, noting that neither government wants to deal with the market and economic fallout. ‘That’s the way globalization is supposed to work.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The only constant is change. iCal’ed.


    1. @Jimbo

      Funny Jimbo, that’s exactly what everyone on MDN says about you, lol.

      This should come as no surprise, but Apple only represents just a small blip on China’s smartphone marketshare right now. Only SUPER-RICH Chinese consumers can afford Tim Cook’s speed bump identical phones. The Chinese masses can buy a 50 dollar Chinese phone to do WeChat.

      That same pattern will soon replicate throughout the rest of the world, severely impacting on Apple’s already meager worldwide smartphone marketshare, if Cook continues to price out the majority of smartphone buyers globally.

      1. No, zeroloser, it’s what the majority hear think about you, as reflected in the stars on his post and yours.

        Mind you, yours probably includes ALL the small number of incessantly negative trolls on here.

        Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you… Can you please give the url for the no-doubt awesome transnational company you own?
        You know… the one that gives you so much knowledge and wisdom to make such pronouncements about the coming years for Apple.

      2. “Funny Jimbo, that’s exactly what everyone on MDN says about you, lol.”

        Exactly right, ZR. No better words to be said and you just bagged the big one. The thin skin and blindness patterns of touchy fanboys and repeat apologists is always amusing. The saddest part is they actually believe a DEFENSIVE deflection will change anything or anyone. Freedom!!!…

      1. Mr. Bremmer: do you think China will so easily boot all of the prosperity, employment and technological progress brought with Apple’s presence?

        I guess so. Then, China will embrace the information and freedom clamp on the people, while staving off the revolt of the people as they seek what’s been lost.

        The loss of freedom inherent with Socialism and Communism is a bitch for both those that govern and those governed.

        1. China doesn’t have to “boot all of the prosperity” because Apple is taking it away by moving iPhone production to India.
          Apple sees the writing on the wall. China is not interested in allowing the US to make money in China; they are only interested in making money in the US and stealing its intellectual property.

        2. I think you really do not understand China at all. What has been lost to these people? They have never had democracy so have lost nothing in that regard, indeed most have far more than they have ever had before which is why there is no great quest for rebellion and few would swap their lives for the American View of freedom. Meanwhile they will soon be the biggest economy in the World whatever you think about how that has been achieved and a massive market around them to be increasingly exploited. And like Japan before it its innovation and quality are improving all the time. Thus patronising view of China really has to stop if competing with it is going to be possible because this myth about imminent revolution and desperation for Western freedoms is merely that. We have fed their economy in the delusion it will bring all the freedoms we enjoy as a given. It will not and as they now have got all that they need from us tech wise and we are increasingly less important to them as a market this is less likely now than ever. The world does not want to be like America it might shock you to hear.

  1. the big shareholders will simply get rid of Cook if he doesn’t bend and replace him with someone more accommodating. No way they are going to lose 20+ % of sales (the China market in good years is as big as Europe)

    they will keep privacy initiatives intact in areas that Apple can enforce it. (Apple might actually lose that also in areas like Australia where backdoor law is getting passed and certain areas of EU). The USA government has been tracking hundreds of millions of messages for years and pressing for backdoors (don’t flame me, I’m just reporting the facts in the various whistle blower leaks etc). In most areas Apple already provides iCloud access if warrants are served.

    Note , I want security , think is important but I’m just looking at the reality of it.

    1. Yes Dave you are spot on there there is going to be a lot of conflict on these matters but one thing is for certain the social media companies are getting a serious backlash having outlived their self indulgent view of ‘freedom’ on their terms no matter the canon fodder that makes of us. That will inevitable effect tech companies like Apple along the way for good or bad.

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