Apple iPhone SE 2 with glass back to launch soon?

“When the iPhone SE disappeared from the sales floor last fall to make room for the iPhone XR, it looked like Apple’s popular compact phone would probably not be having any more successors,” Kevin Kyburz writes for Tech Garage. “But now, we’ve been seeing new photos of a possible iPhone SE 2 that show the potential of a redesigned version of the low-budget iPhone.”

“In recent weeks, the iPhone SE surprised us with two brief revivals in the US Apple Store, where it was going for far below its original list price,” Kyburz writes. “At the moment, it’s listed as being sold out. Could it be that Apple’s goal behind the sell-out of the SE is to make room for the next model?”

“The new photos show the proportions of the potential iPhone SE 2 as corresponding to those of its precursor,” Kyburz writes. “the SE 2’s updated display – presumably a Liquid Retina – extends to the corners of the device, increasing the display diagonal from 4 to 4.7 inches… the current images show the SE 2 with a glass back, which means that you’d be able to charge the device wirelessly.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Specious.


  1. an SE, which before had display of 4″, increasing to a display size of 4.7″, means it would have the same display size as the 6/6s/7/8.
    but, still be overall dimensionally smaller than the 6/6s/7/8.
    i would be in line to buy this on launch day.

  2. I, for one, will be very pissed, because my SE is perfect, and I will be forced to buy an SE2 which is even more perfect and which will thus cost me money. In a famous tightwad but even though I have a love/hate relationship with the idea of Tim Cook as CEO, even I have to open my purse strings now and then, despite the Gordian knot I tie it up with.

    1. shoot… that was classic.

      I complain about T.C a lot over Mac, yet yesterday I was fiddling with my brand new iPad Pro , Pencil still in box….

      If SVPs will stop sleeping during (SIRI) meetings , fooling around too much with fruit gardens, furniture ETC and GIVE US THE PRODUCTS WE WANT we will have nothing to complain about… get that Apple ?

      1. Come on, people, it was a joke, just like applecynic. Trump’s hands are more than big enough to eff with dumbocrats on a daily basis and to eventually make Mueller regret being born.

  3. Like I’ve said many times, Apple needs to simplify their iPhone lineup as they did computers years ago and dump the old models in developing countries for $300-$400.

    iPhone SE Xr $550
    iPhone Xr $750
    iPhone Xs $950
    iPhone XMax$1050

    Keep these price points and approximate sizes and update every 16-18 months or so.

    1. Hey TT that seems about right in the price point areas. I found it interesting that Apple issued TWO iPhone SE sales on their site which sold out rapidly.
      Upgrade with edge to edge screen and some of the cheaper parts and this would be a huge winner.

      There is still a HUGE market for the iPhone SE sized phone.!!!

  4. Two of my family members would be immediate purchasers as well as at least two friends. An iPhone XR SE with 4.7 inch display in a small form factor would sell like crazy.

  5. As long as it has a touch ID either on the home button or embedded in/under the screen. If Apple leaves the chin for the touch ID/home button, that’s just fine with me as long as everything else is upgraded. Yes, a glass back for wireless charging would be nice.

  6. 4″
    I WANT/NEED/DESIRE a 4″.. and a TON of my friends arena the same boat. And clearly more here as well. I hope someone with a brain and backbone at Apple is paying attention.

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