Playing ‘Fortnite’ on iPhone and iPad with a MFi controller is a considerable improvement

“Epic Games has recently added MFi controller support for iPhone and iPad to ‘Fortnite,'” Vadim Yuryev reports for AppleInsider. “We decided to see how good of a gaming experience you could get on both the 2018 11-inch iPad Pro and the iPhone XR using the Steelseries Nimbus MFi controller.”

“Setting up the controller was a breeze,” Yuryev reports. “After connecting it to iPad Pro using Bluetooth, we were prompted to download the SteelSeries Nimbus companion app on the App Store. The controller connected instantly after doing so and started functioning correctly as soon as we opened ‘Fortnite.'”

“It shouldn’t be a big surprise that using a control surface other than a touch screen is the way this game is meant to be played,” Yuryev reports. “Gameplay and controls are incredibly smooth. Being able to aim and fire with the controller buttons made it so much easier than using the old touchscreen controls, thanks to the recent iOS 12.1 update that enabled those buttons.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We use and recommend SteelSeries controllers.

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  1. Smart move if Apple is serious about starting a game subscription service. Screw that touch-screen control stuff. Sometimes I really don’t understand Apple’s thinking. It’s as though they don’t see what other companies are doing or they simply don’t care. How hard could it be for Apple to support standard controllers? Apple can certainly afford to do many simple things but doesn’t.

    How can a company consider itself a serious gaming company when it doesn’t even have its own hand controllers? And I’m not talking about that controller thingie that comes with AppleTV.

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