$350,000 Swiss watch looks like an Apple Watch

“H. Moser & Cie. Swiss Alp is back with another Apple Watch lookalike,” Matt Burns writes for TechCrunch. “The $350,000 Watch Concept Black is a ludicrous take on the classic minute repeater design. And on this version, the wearer can only tell the time by chiming the watch.”

“These sort of watches have a storied history that predate wristwatches by hundreds of years. Called minute repeaters, they allow the wearer to hit a button and the watch will respond with chimes indicating the time of the day,” Burns writes. “The movements were developed before artificial illumination made it possible for watchmakers to add glow-in-the-dark markings.”

Burns writes, “This watchmaker started using the Apple Watch design in 2016 and now has a range of timepieces that mimic the rounded square look in its Swiss Alp Watch line.”

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H. Moser's $350,000 Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black
H. Moser’s $350,000 Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black

“‘A minute repeater tourbillon with no hands? They’ve got to be kidding here, right?’ is what I thought. But the watch is no joke,” Stephen Pulvirent writes for Hodinkee. “It’s real. It’s available for sale. And, to be honest, it’s kind of awesome.”

“The watch itself is 45.8mm x 39.8mm and is 11mm thick, making it rather substantial, especially in platinum. The glossy black dial is unencumbered by any numerals, hands, or markings of any kind. Depending on how the light hits it, the expansive black surface alternately looks like a mirror and a deep void. The effect is super cool and I like it even more than I did on a more traditional version with hands,” Pulvirent writes. “The only other thing you can see from the front is the flying tourbillon at six o’clock which has a skeletonized bridge and rotates once per minute.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For those interested, get more info via H. Moser here. Everyone else can just get an Apple Watch Series 4 for 877 times less and turn on Theater Mode.


  1. “Sounds” like an opportunity for someone to make a quality Minute Repeater app for the Apple Watch. One that
    1. Shows the movement of the gears and chimes.
    2. Sounds like the real thing
    3. Takes advantage of Apple’s haptic alerts.
    4. Can add additional Minute Repeater watches. (In app purchases is where the real money is)
    5. Can keep time better than an $800,000 Minute Repeater watch. (yes, there are some for that much)
    It’s an Apple Watch, number five is built in.

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