‘Steredenn: Binary Stars’ debuts on iOS

“French indie game studio Pixelnest debuted Steredenn: Binary Stars on iOS today,” John Voorhees writes for MacStories. “The update is a major expansion of the original version of Steredenn that I reviewed over a year and a half ago. Everything I loved about the original game that made it special and an instant classic is present in Binary Stars plus a whole lot more.”

“Like the original, the game’s stages are mostly procedurally generated,” Voorhees writes. “As in the past that keeps the game feeling fresh throughout no matter how often you’re defeated. However, the addition of so many new game elements makes Binary Stars a much deeper game than the original and one that’s sure to grab players’ attention for extended periods.”

“If you haven’t tried Steredenn before, now is a great time to jump in because Binary Stars has taken everything that is great about the original game and polished it into an incredibly fun, intense gaming experience that’s ideally suited for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad,” Voorhees writes. “There’s so much new content to explore that players of the original version that haven’t picked up the game in a while should dig in again too.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re going to give it a whirl.

If you’ve played the original Steredenn before, or not, let us know what you think of Steredenn: Binary Stars below!

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