Apple CEO Tim Cook got a 22% pay raise in 2018 with $12 million bonus, just before the stock collapsed

“Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook raked in a $12 million performance-based cash bonus in 2018, making up the bulk of the $15.6 million in total compensation he earned last year, the company said in a new filing,” Luke Stangel reports for The Silicon Valley Business Journal. “That’s about 22 percent higher than Cook’s pay the year before.”

“Outside of his bonus, Cook, 58, earned a $3 million base salary, unchanged from the year before, and got $682,000 in miscellaneous compensation, which included roughly $3,000 in term life insurance payments, a $16,500 contribution to Cook’s 401(k) retirement plan, $57,000 in vacation payouts, $294,000 in personal flights on private jets and $311,000 for Cook’s personal security detail,” Stangel reports.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
“Separately, Cook unlocked 560,000 Apple shares in August, as part of a performance-based vesting schedule he agreed to in 2013. Those shares are worth about $84.4 million as of the closing bell Tuesday.”

“Cook still has some 1.54 million unvested shares, currently worth about $232 million,” Stangel reports, “Apple’s four other named executives — CFO Luca Maestri, General Counsel Kate Adams, Senior Vice President of Retail Angela Ahrendts and COO Jeff Williams… [each] earned a $1 million base salary, about $21.5 million in stock, and a $4 million cash bonus.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We doubt that $16,500 contribution to Cook’s 401(k) plan is going to cover the damage that he and his minions have wreaked upon it over the past couple of months, but it’s good to know he has a plan for his retirement. $650 million and counting can only go so far, ya know.


      1. Liberal guilt: “Shame or remorse for one’s own affluence, associated with liberal political views.”

        This guilt is why Cook is constantly virtue-signaling. “Hey, look at me, I’m so good. Solar. Human rights (forget about China). Diversity for diversity’s sake (again, forget about China). Global warming (yeah, forget about China), blah, blah, blah” as he squirrels away a cool $1 billion into his (Swiss?) bank account flying carbon-emitting private jets all over the globe while his company is trying to sell a six-year-old computer as their top-of-the-line Mac.

        1. Leave it to First Whatever to bitch about affluence — and all the things that jealous extremist conservatives like him would kill to have. A job where you set your own pay, hide it wherever on the planet you want, answer to no one, constantly tell others how to live their lives … that in essence is all First Whatever, Goeb, botvinnik, and the rest of the rabid red team has ever preached: the gospel of Greed. Now that the equally corrupt blue team has decided to follow the same playbook, then First Whatever has decided to attack the values that he secretly wants to live himself, if only he was smart enough to do so.

  1. Apple’s 2018 proxy statement: Apple’s median employee compensation for 2018 was $55,426. The ratio of CEO Tim Cook’s income to the median income is 283 to 1 (not counting stock awards, so $15,682,219 divided by $55,246).

    1. That does look bad at first, but an article touching on median income notes that Apple has many employees in retail and Applecare support.

      At least Apple still has its own employees on support teams, most companies have outsourced and contracted to other companies and countries entirely.

  2. Apple’s just doing this to pwn the Tim bashers. “NOT only is he NOT getting fired, he’s getting a raise! What do ya think now folks?! Hey, start another petition, we’ll give him another raise NEXT year!”

    They’re using the opportunity to collect cardiac arrest data on all those Apple Watches they’ve sold 🙂

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