AT&T says it will have nationwide 5G by early 2020

“AT&T already launched its initial mobile 5G network in parts of 12 U.S. cities last December, but it’s now preparing for full nationwide coverage — a dauntingly large task that its millimeter wave small cells won’t be able to handle alone,” Jeremy Horwitz reports for VentureBeat. “This morning, the carrier revealed that it will ‘offer nationwide 5G coverage with our lower band spectrum,’ specifically the sub-6GHz frequencies discussed in our interview with AT&T VP Gordon Mansfield yesterday.”

“In the transition from 4G to 5G, AT&T says that it has brought two interim technologies into more markets than expected: 1Gbps LTE-LAA is now in parts of 55 cities, with its controversially named ‘5G Evolution’ or ‘5G E’ — actually just 4G LTE-Advanced — in over 400 markets, offering roughly 400Mbps speeds on select 4G devices,” Horwitz reports. “Towers with the 5G E hardware will be capable of flipping to actual 5G service in the near future, but until then will confuse 4G users into believing that they’re using 5G technologies.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “5G E.” Ugh. False advertising by any other name would smell as foul.


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  1. 5Ge isn’t misleading, it literally means “5G evolution” and includes LTE technologies that are part of the 5G standard. Gigabit LTE is included in 5G, and at least they’re not producing a non standard version that doesn’t work through walls (Verizon) and calling it “5G”… if they can roll this out in one year it’ll be a surprise. But I can say this, LTE-A/5Ge was activates in our area recently and our Xs units can now pull down 720mbps from the cellular network… kind of awesome.

    1. What good is 720Mb/s with companies that have nothing but data caps. It just means I can hit that cap a whole lot faster, and they can start charging extra a whole lot faster, and if I up my cap, they will charge me more per month anyway.

      Basically they will make money hand over fist on this one.

      I pay $100/month for Gigabit from Spectrum. If it were affordable it would be nice to rely on 5G as backup.

      1. I have gigabit from Comcast and my cell plan doesn’t have a cap, they say they “may throttle you” after 22GB, but they never do and I use well over 75GB/line every mont

  2. Never mind the carrier lock-in potential. I still won’t use Verizon over it’s use of CDMA instead of GSM.

    There will be a world wide, or at least EU compatible network and they will win my business.

    1. Never mind the carrier lock-in potential, if it has anything to do with Apple, I’m cynical about it – that’s my name, dumbskis, look it up.

      I still won’t use Apple anyway over its use of Tim Cook instead of Steve Jobs, even though Steve sadly isn’t unavailable. Hey, I never said I made sense, I’m just a critical cynic, never made anything useful in my life except typing noises on a keyboard.

      There will be a world wide effort to copy my cynicism, I don’t mind who copies who, even if it’s me copying me. MAGoeBA! And MACA. Make Apple Cynical Again! That’s my name, look it up!

      1. Since English does not seem to be a language you speak, I said “carrier lock-in”. I have enough on Apple to bitch about, but since I will not be getting an iPhone, what you say doesn’t apply.

        1. Hey, I never said I made sense, just that I’m cynical about all things Apple, so obviously would only get an iPhone when hell freezes over, thus what you say makes sense not, and is an appallingly cynical example of an extreme run-on sentence.

          This business about myself copying myself doesn’t phase me either, as I just don’t care, so go all cynically Tim on that one because everyone knows that too many Cooks and his mistakes spoil Jobs’ broth.

            1. It’s circling yours, which is mine, as I am bi-polar, which is why I talk to myself. Apologies to all for being such a dumbass, but that’s me, applecynic

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