Apple’s 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders takes place on February 6 in Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater

In their “Notice of 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Statement,” Apple has announced:

We are pleased to welcome shareholders to Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park for the 2019 Annual Meeting. To make sure we can accommodate as many attendees as possible, we have established a registration process. Shareholders will need to register in advance at beginning at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time on February 6, 2019 and registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Only shareholders as of the Record Date who have registered in advance and have a valid confirmation of registration will be admitted to the meeting. Please note that due to space constraints and security concerns, we will not be able to provide access to the Apple campus to any shareholders who have not registered in advance.

Additional items of interest:

• Apple’s 2018 financial results broke new records, and significant milestones were achieved across the company.
• 2018 net sales set a new all-time record, and both net sales and operating income grew 16% compared to 2017. Earnings per share grew 29% compared to 2017.
• Achieved new net sales and earnings records in every single quarter
• Grew net sales by $36.4 billion, the equivalent of a Fortune 100 company, in a single year
• Drove double-digit net sales growth in each of Apple’s geographic segments
• Shipped the 2 billionth iOS device
• Returned almost $90 billion to Apple investors in dividends and share repurchases
• Generated $37 billion in Services net sales
• Grew the number of paid subscriptions more than 50% to over 330 million
• Celebrated the 10th anniversary of the App Store
• Topped $100 billion in cumulative amounts paid to App Store developers
• Held over 18,000 weekly sessions of Today at Apple at retail stores
• Launched Everyone Can Create curriculum to help students of all ages succeed
• Achieved 100% renewable energy in Apple’s global facilities and launched a fund to invest in clean energy solutions with Apple suppliers
• Signed on as Malala Fund’s first laureate partner to support girls’ education

Read more, including executive compensation details, in the full SEC filing here.

MacDailyNews Take: We wonder if Apple’s decision to eliminate iPhone unit shares in the very quarter of a big iPhone unit sales decline and, therefore, significant earning miss will be questioned?


  1. All disgruntled Apple fans/shareholders..
    I suggest u signup and go and make yourselves heard…
    Rather than endlessly and irrationally (for the most part ) complain at these forums..
    …Unless ofcourse you’re a paid troll basher doing your job… quite a few of whom dwell here and other forums ….The Apple bash team of the rivals.

    1. “All disgruntled Apple fans/shareholders..”


      “Rather than endlessly and irrationally (for the most part ) complain at these forums..”

      Why do (can) you say so without any “factual” basis. People all sound to me quite rational and intelligent, and explain their frustration with reasons, unlike same old repetitions.

      “…Unless of course you’re a paid troll basher doing your job… ”

      Are you not?

      “quite a few of whom dwell here and other forums ….The Apple bash
      team of the rivals.”

      Any “factual basis to claim so? Same old repetitions of the same lines over and over again bore us to death.

      1. Sorry, I dont see rationality where u choose to see it! ..i see panicked irrational frenzy !…..i read Comments that are completely detached from reality of what Apple has been and is.

        I see delusional memories of Apple being this perfection in the past.. which it was not.

        I see delusional memories of Apple benig affordable for the masses.. it has never been. ( are they more expensive than the past , yes, everything is more expensive than the past specially if its new and cutting edge ! Aside from high tech.. houses, rent, cars, education health ..etc.. .. everything is more expensive. Apple is no exception.
        But have they fattened their margins, Absolutely not.. their margins are exactly where they have been historically.. they are just offering a greater value at at a premium. Exactly what they have always done. …..Yet they have a full lineup of more affordable choices also!

        I see delusional memories of Steve being a flawless guru who could make no mistakes.. which is far far far from the truth!

        I see bunch of irrationals completely neglecting what Apple is today relative to Steves time…..From 50 billion to 250 billion in sales.
        From shipping 40-50 million units of products to 300 million plus units.
        All while maintaining their margins… and quality! Yes quality .. show me where quality is not there .. i own ever product category Apple offers.. .. where is this bs of quality issue.? Is it a quality issue or a quantity and statistics /probability issue.. going from 40 million units to 300 million…..And going from a relatively small user base to 1.3 billion. Of course there is more noise out there….but that is not an issue of quality.. its an issue of numbers..
        Mind you Apple still holds the top spot for customer satisfaction !
        Why are all these people satisfied with junk ?

        What Tim has accomplished is not a joke and the naive and the simpleton cant even come close to fathoming what a huge accomplishment it is….. they just cry like babies ( oh i want this, i want that, …..oh Steve would have done this or that) and go on and on bashing Apple today ..
        No one knows what Steve would have or could have.. its Unsubstantiatable, its just delusional thoughts stemming from dogmatic worship that ‘of-course Steve would have done so much better’ .. .. i say Stop right there. No one knows….its unknowable! and Apple is a complete different beast in scale today compared to when Steve ran it …with the help of Tim mind you.!

        I see a bunch of crybabies who are dogmatic worshipers of Steve who are still head over heels in love with his charisma… for whom no one will ever be good enough ! And they think something outside of their worship is whats actually wrong.

        I see a bunch of crybabies crying due to last quarters adjustment.. yes its a setback but it is still Apple’s 2nd highest quarter ever!

        I see a bunch of crybabies being the actual cause of what’s going on out there due to their irrational panic and frenzy.. fulfilling their own prophecy! Yet blaming everything else out there !

        I see bunch of crybabies who are disgruntled becouse Apple ignored the mac pro and pros.. (which i not only have always agreed with , but have been a huge critic of…directly with Apple and forums, relentlessly since years back , way before so many were on board.. …i was actually rejected violently in forums by most everybody and fanboys when i was addressing this issue at the beginning…)
        But once Apple came out and openly admitted to dropping the ball and followed by delivering , i chose to stop sounding like a screechy broken record on am issue that has been acknowledged ……and now am curious and am looking forward to the ‘piece de resistance’ of some of the naggers, the modular Mac Pro and Apple displays this year as promised and hopefully other exciting products down the line. ( but hey all the rationals have already decided its going to be junk, yet no one has a clue what it is going to be.. lol.. typical of the bs and frenzy out there)
        Anyway…In the meanwhile they have introduced the iMac pros which are more than powerful enough for 80% of pro work out there and they are absolutely beautiful machines with beautiful displays and all !
        And they released the new Mac mini which everyone wanted to see updated !
        Ahh and the new ipad pros.. simply beasts. ( just give ios a core use manageable file/folder sys and unrestricted ports)

        Having seen all that Im not going to act like a fool and cry and bitch about something when it has already been acknowledged and responded to and more is on its way.
        Im not going to cry if there is no AirPort Extreme…
        There is so much good that i already enjoy from Apple and am looking forward to in the future !
        Is everything perfect, nope … sure there are issues here and there…. but that is how it has always been and that is how it will be… there will never be a time when everything is flawless!…There will never be a company that is flawless out there…….Only in the minds of the delusional, irrational crybaby Jobs worshipers.

        So ya… i see issues ..but i dont see all these massive issues that Tim is screwing up.
        Apple has a pretty good lineup.. better than ever actually .. and every product they have out there is of high quality, no less than it has ever been.
        But frenzied disgruntled people and rivals sure make it look like everything Apple Sucks .
        I Say BULL!.. GIANT BULL…Nothing could be farther than the truth than that.
        Lack of mac pro does not make everything else Apple bad.
        I know.. i own every product category Apple offers… and not a single one of them is worse than what there was at Steves time… quite a few are actually much much better.. (with the caveat on the software end a bit… but even there one has to be aware of the shear scale difference of Apple ecosys today, its not a cult company anymore.. it is a behemoth and mainstream )

        So please stop so conveniently forgetting all of screwups at Steves time and yet magnify and Make a mountain out of a molehill in TIMS TIME. Absolutely unjustifiable.

        And yes.. i think 7 % correction in revenue in one quarter (yet still 2nd highest quarter in companies history) and a 33% correction in company value as totally irrational, caused by the irrational panic frenzy out there.

        And yup.. IF u have ‘REAL’ issues to address., make the effort and go to the shareholders meeting and make your voice heard , guarantee u it will be more effective ….. its easy to be an armchair Ceo wannabe at a distance…
        Its easy to cry and nag and want perfection.
        There is No such thing.
        A rational individual would be aware of the distinctions between perfect and the best. Two completely different notions!
        If one believes the best is somewhere else.. if better synergy exists elsewhere, if others are innovating better and already have a time machine ,….. please name them… and then ask yourselves why are you here.
        Move on… that will teach Apple the lesson.
        Yet they added 100 million active users to their 1.3 billion last year.. so not many are moving on are they !

        The combination of the crybabies and naggers combined with the Bash Team of the rivals (who are just loving this) is absolutely nauseating…. and lemmings seem to be a dime a dozen!

        As for you last line.. please hand that to the irrational mindless bashers not me . …whats boring is the mindless bashers going on and on and on .. i will go on and on and on and counter as long as they choose to spread their bull ! And if it bores you or does not suit u… dont read ! Simple .
        As for rivels bash and negative misinformation campaigns.. if u are unaware of such phenomenon , you have lived under a rock .
        Proof is in direct Experience and Exposure !

        1. Haha, too long to read.
          But don’t get mad or emotional and write a long defensive episode of no substance.
          It’s just a discussion forum.
          But thank you for your compliment!

    2. Apple doesn’t listen to anyone and only follows the beat of its own drum. This is the way Apple has always been. I’m just a bit annoyed how Apple kept betting everything on selling iPhones when they have the money to diversify their revenue streams. Certainly, Apple should have known the high-end smartphone market was saturated and there was little to no growth to be had, especially when there were only emerging nations left to sell iPhones to. And then Apple keeps jacking up iPhone prices to put them further out of reach. Wall Street was always saying Apple was the iPhone Company and running a company with one product accounting for 60% of its revenue was too risky.

      I doubt I could run a company better than Apple is doing as I’m no financial genius. It’s easy for me to say things in hindsight. I just wish Apple had gone into the cloud business like all the other major tech companies did because that was the next major growth market and WS was valuing all those companies much higher than Apple was being valued. It’s always annoyed me as to why Apple’s P/E is only half of what other major tech stocks are valued at. Why can’t Apple do anything about it with all that cash they have available to them? Nothing Apple does seems to ever change its relative value. I don’t think Apple is doomed if they’re willing to make changes. A weak financial quarter or two means nothing to me in the long-term. It just annoys me that so many people think Apple is doomed, year after year. I don’t think firing Tim Cook is going to solve anything, but I suppose that would depend on who takes his place. I just don’t know.

    1. Fanboy.. lol… just objective re the good and the bad!
      You have to read more of my posts before u make a comment little Mikey..

      But u wont..blabbering out of ignorance seems to be your style !

      1. I can’t let you freely spit venoms like these.
        “Fanboy.. lol… just objective re the good and the bad!”

        You, being objective? A big laugh.
        Everybody knows you post fanboy propaganda with the passion (and very likely with missions).

        “You have to read more of my posts …..”

        You have such an audacity to urge other people to read “more” of your post? The more I read your posts, which I stopped doing (except to check what you say from time to time), the more was I firmly convinced that you are an incurable fanboy with some sort of mission directed by somebody else. Again, laugh, sorry Jimbo.

        “But u wont..blabbering out of ignorance seems to be your style !”

        “blabbering out of ignorance”. Isn’t it what you have been doing? You keep repeating “factual” or other abstract expressions without any factual backup. Anyone can selectively pick convenient figures up from internet and spin it to your convenience. You need real analytical skill and mind when doing so, which you obviously do not have. Just boring repetitions of copy and paste exercise. Normal intelligent minds won’t allow that. Insult others and you will be hit back. But you are insulting others out of the frustration of your own inadequacy, I know. Pity indeed…

        1. You are definitly floating in your own LaLa land Ken !
          Dont read.. no one put a gun to your head..
          Audacity to ask prople to read my post??? … no.. not at one has to… but im definitely informing them of their ignorance if they have not read my posts and are unaware of my positions , yet they have an opinion about what i am..
          Typical of the irrational garbage that is going on out there.

          And please stop this shallow tactic of regurgitating my arguments againts myself .. get creative Ken…
          U have the proghtive to live with your ignorance and delusional thinking that im a fan boy.. or paid/directed to do this.. lol….really LOL !
          U sure have that proghtive… as ignorant as it may be ! But u also have a choice of making an informed comment !
          Making a fool of yourself is what happens when u talk without knowledge..
          Your belief does not change any facts .

          As for my post and claims.. all are backed by facts and numbers.. and factual history , .. unlike the deludionsl crybaby bashers claims…and nonstop emotional, irrational nagging and rant …. …….yet u are blind to it..!.. that say a lot about your mind set.

          Ps : i did not know u know EVERYONE here and what they think..
          interesting.. … u definitely dont know what i think about every single individual here… … do u now… .. but im sure u extend your proghtive even that far,
          U are a joke Ken ! As are most irrational, naive crybaby bashers…..
          But its a free country!

          1. What an emotional reaction.
            It’s just a discussion forum.
            You are too thin skinned to take teasing when challenged. People here normally bypass your usual copy/paste repetitions. Very superficial.
            But keep on going to horn your skill a bit 🙂

  2. Tim Cook has earned his pink slip. He has overstayed the CEO slot by 7-years. People have gotten killed in this market and have lost fortunes. For the last 8-years, Cook has literally been fucking up with both hands. He’s incompetent, lazy, distracted… and too greedy for even Wall Street’s standards. If they don’t fire Tim Cook, consider Apple to be counted in history right alongside the Titanic and the space shuttle Challenger, DOOMED!

    1. To be fair, Apple gained enormous value over that period. From 10s of billions to over 1 trillion and now still valued over 700 billion. Its the stock market and wall street that killed the stock value, because Apple missed a sales target by ~ 5%, meanwhile still pulling in absolutely insane revenues. A sales miss of 5% should not equate to a 25% drop in share value, that’s just nuts and just proves how much of a racket the stock market is.
      Unless those investors you speak of who lost fortunes were late to the game buying stock when it was already > 150 / share or whatever, I think they made larger fortunes since their initial purchase than what they have lost recently.
      I want new leadership at Apple for different reasons (lack of focus on all products etc), but Apple will have to lose a hell of a lot more value before the board thinks Cook deserves to be ousted for “financial reasons”.

  3. Well the number one Apple fanboy APOLOGIST is laughing in denial, fine. I respect free speech but not excuses.

    Here’s hoping the board has had enough and brings out the big executive cleaning broom.

    Two words: Scott Forstall…

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