AMD shows off 7nm next-gen chips at CES, aims at Intel and Nvidia

“Advanced Micro Devices Inc on Wednesday unveiled its next generation smaller and power-efficient computer chip and a graphics processor, aiming at bigger rivals Intel Corp and Nvidia Corp,” Sonam Rai and Stephen Nellis report for Reuters.

“Chief Executive Officer Lisa Su, during a keynote address at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, gave a preview of AMD’s third-generation Ryzen CPU chips for desktop users.,” Rai and Nellis report. “The Ryzen CPU chips will be launched in the middle of this year and will compete with Intel’s PC processors.”

“AMD will start shipping its Radeon VII (seven) graphics chips, which compete with Nvidia’s gaming chips, from Feb. 7 and the next generation of EPYC server chips in mid-2019, Su said. All the three chips are based on AMD’s new 7nm manufacturing technology that packs more transistors on smaller chips and can boost performance at lower power,” Rai and Nellis report. “AMD last year said it would quit trying to develop such advanced manufacturing techniques on its own and would instead turn to outside suppliers such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, which analysts also believe is making 7nm chips for Apple Inc.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Much more about AMD’s 3rd-gen. Ryzen CPUs and 7nm Radeon VII GPU via Paul Alcorn at Tom’s Hardware here.


  1. Yeah but is Apple likely to use AMD chips? Seeing as how Apple needs years of lead time to do anything we’re not likely to see these in a Mac, even if it were desirable, before 2020 oe 2021.

      1. Yep – wouldn’t be surprised if Apple said “Hey AMD meet TMSC”. Seems like Apples been AMD only for at least the last 4 to 5 years. Not sure why they dropped Nvidia but my last two iMacs only came with AMD discrete video options. Also those two new Blackmagic eGPU boxes Apples sales on are both AMD as I recall.

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