Setting up a new (or repurposed) Mac

Previously, “I have laid down some principles and discussed various options for migrating between Macs,” Howard Oakley writes for Eclectic Light Company. “You may by now have some clear ideas as to how to go about this, but the very best way to understand the process is to consider some practical examples.”

Oakley covers specific examples:

• Upgrading from an old to a new MacBook Air
• Upgrading from an old iMac to a new Mac mini
• Upgrading from an old iMac to a new iMac Pro

Oakley writes, “In the next article in this series I’ll look at how to cope with downsizing your internal storage, such as going from quite a full 2 TB boot disk down to a 1 TB SSD.”

Each example covered in full here.

MacDailyNews Take: We just did a single user from a 13-inch MacBook Air to a new 12-inch MacBook using Migrationn Assistant and it couldn’t have goone better. This is one case where “It just works” held blessedly true. 35 minutes later (if that) and the new MacBook was ready to go with everything perfectly transferred!

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