Premiere issue of Macworld autographed by Steve Jobs sells for $47,775

“A copy of the first issue of Macworld bearing the rare signature of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has sold at auction, with the item far exceeding its estimate and selling for $47,775 when bidding ceased on Thursday,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider.

“Part of the Science and Technology Auction by RR Auction that commenced on December 6, the lot consisted of the first edition of the magazine from February 1984, featuring Jobs on the cover,” Owen reports. “The inclusion of Jobs’ signature on the front added tremendous value to the magazine, which is rare on its own, with the signed copy being a far more scarce item.”

Premiere issue of Macworld magazine autographed by Steve Jobs
Premiere issue of Macworld magazine autographed by Steve Jobs

Owen reports, “On October 17, a 1988 copy of Newsweek with Jobs on the cover and signed by the man himself tripled pre-auction estimates, fetching $50,587.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We witnessed Jobs multiple times, while he was (briefly) visiting Macworld Expo floors especially, refuse to sign any autograph or take a photo for fear of starting an unending stream of fans and never being able to move or get out of there without disappointing many people. At least once we heard him say, paraphrasing, “If take one photo, I’ll never be able to get out of here.” It seemed like he felt it better to disappoint one, publicly, and let everyone get the message, than to leave a queue of hopeful Macworld Expo attendees wanting.

Here’s Jobs actually signing that February 1984 Macworld magazine for Matt, after joking with him a bit first:

Premiere issue of Macworld magazine autographed by Steve Jobs up for auction – December 5, 2018

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  1. So. I have the first issue in near mint condition (unsigned of course).

    The article says its rare. Any idea of the value?

    I also have some other 1984 Mac first issues of mags that flamed out. Likely worth a bit but not much.

    But, oh, I also have a multi-page, heavy stock LISA brochure and a send-away-for VHS tape announcing the AIM (Apple-IBM-Motorola) Alliance (PowerPC forever! haha). Plus a few more early Mac era oddities.

    Again, I know these have some value, but in what circles and how would I find out…??

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