The new Apple Pencil made me a believer; it’s not just for artists and hand-note-takers

“I probably used the original Apple Pencil for no more than an hour, total, during its entire existence. I don’t draw. I avoid writing by hand whenever possible. My penmanship is awful. The moment my teachers began accepting printed essays, I stopped writing them in longhand,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “I have never had a good relationship with pens and pencils; why should the Apple Pencil be any different?”

“And yet… something funny happened upon the release of the new 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models with the second-generation Apple Pencil,” Snell writes. “I gave the new Pencil a try. And I’ve used it more in the past five weeks than in the three years that I kept the original Apple Pencil… well, it’s around here somewhere, if I can find it, but it’s probably not charged, anyway.”

The new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio offer take-anywhere power and versatility.
The new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio offer take-anywhere power and versatility.

“Its matte finish is more comfortable to hold, and its flat edge gives my fingers something to orient with. That edge also makes it less inclined to roll off tables (though it still does if you’re not careful). The awkward cap with the even-more-awkward Lightning plug underneath is gone, and it’s a huge boost,” Snell writes. “What really pulled me back to the Apple Pencil, though, was software.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, if you tried the first Apple Pencil and found it lacking, give the new one a try, especially if you have some oft-used iOS software that supports Apple Pencil!


  1. Ipads with pencil offer 90 % if not 100 percent of the precision a mouse can..
    Dont discount what you can achieve with the new Ipad Pros and ipads with pencil in general. will be surprised

    Also I love the new pencil;s convenient charging/docking and immediate access solution.

    1. You can try them at the store.. or you better you can buy one and if you endup not liking it return it. ..
      But before you get it.. decide what you want to use it for .. and then study the applications that serve that need.. (study App store, youtube.. etc. )
      And when you get it.. try and engage with these apps deeply…
      Ipad and pencil and touch combined are a new paradigm relativity speaking, specially with some of the new truly pro/robust apps out there. .. so you will need to acclimate before judging and accomplishing pro level output..

  2. The iPad is a waste of money get a good MacBook Pro assuming you can find one because the new keyboards are garbage. I will never buy another MacBook Pro as long as the current keyboard is in use they truly are the biggest piece of shit, mine has been fixed and in one month is now not working. Letter H this time.

    1. That is a totally untrue and uninformed comment.

      They are different tools .. different paradigms.. different ways if interacting with the computing device.
      What an ipad can offer no laptop of desktop can…..Directness of interactivity and then some.
      And of course desktops and laptops have their own advantages.
      If one’s work is mainly typing.. then, IMO, ipad is not the most ideal..
      But there is a lot more work that can be done on a computer than just typing!
      Ipads biggest problem is not what one can create with it..but iOS’s lack of Core consistent user manageable file/folder sys across the os and restricted usb-c port. (And i believe Apple will resolve these issues soon.. they are software issues)
      In the mean while.. one can still do amazing work on iPads specially with the advent of some powerful , robust apps out there. ( im on my 12.9 pro 3d gen and pencil 5-6 hours a day )

      If you are unfimilare with what can be accomplished by an ipad that does not make them waste of money. It just indicates you dont know……
      Change is not welcomed by most.. even if it has advantages.. but once acclimated.. they see the light.

      Post pc productivity through tablets have arrived, imo. (But of course depending on the nature of the task at hand)

    2. Let me fix that for you, Rob…

      The iPad is a waste of money for ME, because its capabilities are not suited to MY work or recreation.
      Also, I’VE had a bad experience with a MacBook, which means that ALL MacBooks with this keyboard are crap.

  3. I have an older 12.9 iPad Pro which I love. My go to machines at home are Mac Pros but I take the iPad out.

    I will get the new iPad Pro.

    Haven’t tried the new pencil but I as I wrote before launch I wish it had some of my Cintiq Pens advantages:

    — No battery. You don’t have to charge a Cintiq Pen.
    — Changeable barrels. Mine has an ergonomic ‘fat’ barrel which way more comfortable drawing long hours.
    — Eraser on end. (I understand the new Apple pencil has tap buttons to switch to eraser but using the programmable buttons on the Cintiq Pen I prefer the solid eraser end. No finickiness and quick).
    — There are various Cintiq Pens. The ‘Art’ Pen has an extra barrel rotational function, i.e it can align axis (for flat brushes for example, the brush will turn as you turn the pen barrel )

    — The Cintiq Pen is also more responsive and accurate than my OLD iPad Pro pencil, I’ll have to use the new one to compare. The side ‘flare’ option in the old iPad Pro pencil which non artist reviewers keep praising is so imprecise as to be useless. Responsiveness of my Cintiq is probably due to it being connected to a Mac Pro with 48 GB RAM and a Nvidia card. For it’s size the iPad is a power wonder machine.

    My big Cintiq is a desktop device and I understand Apple has to build it’s pencil as a mobile device. My fat Cintiq pen is way uglier than than the Apple pencil and probably make executives blanch… (Actually I have a bunch of tablet pencils from way back and some I’ve put tape and rubber bands around them to make them the shape I want for holding… )

    Apple has a whole bunch of doctors etc helping with the Watch, I hope they have a whole bunch of artists (at least as consultants) helping with the iPad Pro pencil.

    as usual not writing to just ‘complain’ but to add factual info for Apple to consider.

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