Apple now sells LumaForge Jellyfish workflow servers with up to 200TB storage costing up to $50,000

LumaForge, a leader in video collaboration, today announced that its Jellyfish workflow server is now being used to help video teams at more than 200 companies to collaborate easier, faster and more efficiently. Several major corporations, such as Activision, Adobe, BBC, CBS Interactive, Disney, Google, NASA, Pandora, Sony and WeWork, rely on Jellyfish for video storage and collaboration. LumaForge also announced today that Jellyfish is now available at, in addition to directly from LumaForge.

In related news, LumaForge announced that Steve Bayes, former Apple senior product manager and world-renowned video editing expert, has made a significant financial investment in LumaForge and will join its newly formed Board of Advisors. (Please see related news release today.)

Jellyfish combines video storage with customized software in a plug-and-play solution for video teams. Designed by seasoned filmmakers, editors, colorists and creatives, Jellyfish is the hub that connects all these critical roles.

“We developed Jellyfish primarily because we saw how technical complexities were stalling the adoption of video in the Fortune 500 and education market,” said Josh Minney, CEO of LumaForge, in a statement. “Several major corporations quickly and happily embraced Jellyfish to create greater speed and efficiencies in their video production. The traction has been tremendous and it is just getting started.”

“Jellyfish has powered the live tour documentaries of artists such as Coldplay, the Rolling Stones, Beyoncé and Metallica through my work at Hangman Studios in London,” said James Tonkin, director at Hangman Studios, in a statement.

“We have been using a Jellyfish Tower in our Studio Video team for over a year and a half now and its fast and reliable 10 GbE interfaces coupled with its mobile capabilities make it the perfect system for our needs,” said Conor Gordon, senior video editor at Pandora, in a statement. “Additionally, the LumaForge support team is always a screen share away to quickly solve any IT problem, allowing our team to stay focused on being creative and editing.”

Jellyfish is Highly Intuitive

Jellyfish is intuitive at every level, from the set-up through connection and higher-level management. It is optimized to work with every major video editing tool including Final Cut Pro, Premiere and DaVinci Resolve. It is offered in three versions:

• Jellyfish Mobile. The perfect solution for small teams or teams without a server room infrastructure. It provides storage, high-speed connections to that storage and integrations with all major video editing tools and operating systems. Enough to power 4K – 8K workflows, Jellyfish Mobile is built into a small portable box with a handle for easy transportation.

• Jellyfish Tower. Ideal for teams that have larger capacity needs. It’s the size of a large PC that can fit under a desk and can directly connect more than 20 Macs or PCs.

• Jellyfish Rack. Jellyfish Rack is identical in functionality to Jellyfish Tower, but designed to easily fit into existing server racks.

ShareStation for Massive Video Teams
LumaForge also offers ShareStation for corporations that need features such as high availability and the ability to scale up to several petabytes of storage. Compatible with every operating system, non-linear editing system (NLE) and content-creation app, ShareStation and its 100 Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure, is capable of powering hundreds of creative professionals across multiple departments.

Source: LumaForge

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Direct links to Apple’s online store:

• LumaForge 80TB Jellyfish Mobile 4K Shared Storage Solution – $19,995.95
• LumaForge 120TB Jellyfish Tower 4K Shared Storage Solution – $39,995.95
LumaForge 200TB Jellyfish Rack 4K Shared Storage Solution – $49,995.95


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