Macquarie cuts Apple price target on expectations for services slowdown

“Macquarie analyst Benjamin Schachter lowered his price target on Apple Inc. shares to $188 from $222 on Wednesday, taking a more muted stance on the company’s services trajectory,” Emily Bary reports for MarketWatch.

“Schachter sees slowdowns for licensing, the App Store, and AppleCare, which he said represent the three biggest drivers of category growth over the past three years,” Bary reports. “He wrote that smaller businesses including Apple Music, iCloud, and Apple Pay are not big enough to counter and pick up the slack to maintain current growth rates.”

Bary reports, “He maintained an outperform rating on the shares, which are up 1.2% in morning trading.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The downgrade parade continues based on nothing but conjecture and whims.


  1. We can but hope at the next quarterly announcements all of these anal-cysts continue to look like the red-faced buffoons they are.

    Where are the buffoons at the SEC? Specious downgrading of stocks is now the norm?

  2. Lol

    Rogue 1st amendment rights… …. write anyting u like, throw it out there….there is no acountability ..
    1st amendment, specially when it comes to mass media and journalism is in dire need to be amended itself …

    Too much BS.. Too little accountability!

  3. As I mentioned before, Apple Services is already being called a failure before it even gets fully under way. I thought Services was supposed to be in full swing with bundled audio, video and reading content sometime in 2019. Apple gets zero respect from Wall Street. It really doesn’t matter what analysts say, but already investor confidence in Apple seems to be at an all-time low.

    1. MS48…
      Dont let the Fud get to u..
      If Apple reports a good Q.. all this will evaporate away and we will get back on track.
      Between now and then it is open season for anyone to say anything they want as unfounded as they may be.
      Specially with the screwed up laws allowing this kind of behavior to not only go on but become more prevalent and destructive.

      It has become the bull-sh-iters world.

  4. Well you stock geniuses are very impressive with your insults to analysts but when they come true, you change the subject.

    Apple is in the undesirable position of being led by a feckless outsourcing fashionista Jobs wannabe who has set up Apple for having uncompetitive products and prices precisely when the USA’s idiot president kills global trade, with special help from fellow xenophobe Theresa May.

    Repeat after me: “Trickle Down Does Not Work. Tweeting insults does not spur the economy. Apple is not immune to market forces. Wall Street is not the economy. Analysts can only predict using the data available to them, which recently has been unreliable thanks in large part to sudden corporate secrecy campaigns and massive political disinformation campaigns.”

    When you two wake up and see these realities, then you will be able to post useful information instead of brainless Apple cheerleading.

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