Google killing Allo messaging service

“Allo, once the vanguard platform of Google’s plans for messaging, will officially shut down in March 2019,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“Until April people will be able to export any existing conversation histories they have, Google said in a blog post. Allo was originally launched in September 2016,” Fingas reports. “The platform never gained widespread popularity however, and features like Smart Reply, GIFs, and desktop support were eventually wrapped backed into the Android Messages app.”

“Allo is available for both iPhone and Android,” Fingas reports. “On the former, Allo users will have to switch to alternatives like iOS Messages…”

Read more in the full article here.

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Our Lady of Transitory Endeavor strikes yet again.

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  1. Google is not good at follow through. This makes it very difficult to trust them with important tasks. I’d like to use them as a calendar service for small business and workgroups but for all I know they might just turn it off next Tuesday.

    Google is an engineering company. So they are lacking in the magic that Apple used to have. They are great at moving data. Search doesn’t require a big human engineering element, we just want it to be right. Same with ads.

    Trust me, when engineers have solved all the technical problems, they lose interest. The second I can see the solution in total, I want to go work on something else. Without a Steve Jobs around to bitch slap people into making things “magic”, we’re left with mediocrity.

    And that’s what Google delivers as product. Mediocrity. People use it, but never the kinds of numbers they see with search, so the product is considered beta indefinitely, then just wiped off the books.

    It’s like everything they produce is a school project. There’s no spit, polish, and finesse.

    Now on top of this the employees have decided that THEY are the board of directors and Google can’t even do what they do best. Collect and sell data.

    Kinda funny actually.

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