iPhone XR from $449*’: Apple ramps up iPhone sales push

“Following reports of production cuts and slow sales of the 2018 iPhones, Apple has launched a new promotion on its website touting the iPhone XR as available ‘from $449,’ rather than its actual price of $749,” Liam Tung writes for ZDNet.

“It’s the latest step in Apple’s recent marketing efforts to spur iPhone sales and comes a week after it kicked off a promotional trade-in deal, which offers up to $100 more in credit to consumers who purchase an iPhone XS or iPhone XR,” Tung writes. “This move happened around the launch of the iPhone XR in late October, a month after the iPhone XS and XS Max became available.”

“The new way of positioning the iPhone XR as a $449 device appeared on Apple’s website on Sunday,” Tung writes. “Apple’s website explains in fine print that ‘$449 reflects price of iPhone XR after trade-in of iPhone 7 Plus,’ which under Apple’s promotional trade-in campaign offers $300 credit toward a 2018 iPhone.”

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  1. Yeah, but what about those of us with older iPhones that don’t qualify for the kickbacks? And that really need a new phone. And aren’t going to spend full dollar buying into Apple’s new luxury market? And like the size and convenience of the 5s or SE?

    Where’s the SE2 for “The Rest of Us™”?

    1. Maybe when they realize that there is a market for a compact iPhone and that sales of the bigger ones are not as expected they will reconsider updating the SE. Or maybe it is been updated next to the Mac Pro, who knows?

    2. I’d love an SE2, but am looking at a 7. Form factor just fits in my medical clothes, I’ll have to be careful when selecting a case. My 23 y/o son just bought a new 7 last month, although I’m looking at a refurb from Apple’s site.

    3. The deal Apple is offering is actually worse than what u can have in the market. Tyere us no desperate promo on Apples behalf.
      U can sell your iphone 7 plus on ebay easily for 350$ and above.

      Apply that towards your XR of choice and your net cost out if pocket will be even less.

      There is no story here.. just FUD…
      And Apple has always offered trad-in values for below market.

      1. Are those Canadian dollars?? Go to eBay and filter to only SOLD phones. You’ll find the iPhone 7 trending under $210 and the 7 Plus about $40-50 more. Factor in eBay and PayPal fees, and Apple is CLEARLY offering considerably more than wholesale value. So yes, this is a back door discount on the new iPhone models.

        1. Nope and nope. (Maybe broken ones.. )
          and im talking American dollar..
          I have been following some auction closely …
          The bids may start at 200 ish..
          But they close above 350..
          My last observation was just about an hour ago… 3 7plus128s closed at 360, 385 and 395 while i was watching.

          Go to the other newer thread at mdn .. thread about Bloomburg fud.

          I have a longer post covering there regarding this.

          1. I should point out the Apple trade in values do not differentiate between storage levels or the condition of the phone – it only has to be undamaged and functional. Look at eBay sales for 32gb phones in average condition and you’ll see what Apple is offering is more than a seller can get on eBay, even before losing 13% to eBay and PayPal fees. Unless I get really lucky, I wouldn’t clear $200 for my 32gb 7 in perfect condition with the box. Apple will give me $250. I’ve done the research and the simple math is what may push me to a new unlocked XS.

            1. Sorry but no so…
              You may be looking at iphone 7
              Not iphone 7 plus.. what Apples 449 deal is based on ..

              Bottom line +/- few dollors..
              There is no desperate Apple promo going on…..
              Apple is offering more or less market value for the iphone 7 plus 128 trade in .

  2. Apple is learning that there is a limit that even the gullible iPhone buyer is prepared to spend.

    I haven’t upgraded my iPhone 6 as I haven’t found anything compelling for years. Even my partner who had to have the latest and greatest can’t be bothered to update anymore and certainly doesn’t see the value proposition in the iPhone anymore.

    Well done Pipeline, you’re even screwing up the cash cow.

    1. How can you not be enticed by the all-screen phones ? I just replaced my 6s with iPhone 8 (because it was $0 down) and my wife’s 6 plus with XR. My new 8 is still in the box I might return it now that I’ve played with the XR a little. If I could get a X or Xs for decent discount I’d jump on it without hesitation. The only knock against XR for me is size. Its a little big in the pocket and a little cumbersome for one handed “reach-ability”.
      Curious does your partner already have a X ? If so I understand not caring to upgrade this year..

      1. How can you not be enticed by the all-screen phones ?

        Because its nice to be able to hold a phone with one’s thumb NOT covering the screen?

        This becomes increasingly significant the more & more the devices grow in size and thus become worse at ‘reach-ability’ …

        FWIW, I find the whole obsession on bezel elimination to be YA bad example of “form BEFORE function” by Jonny Ive. Granted, I don’t have qualms with reducing them from the very early days, but this is a classical ‘diminishing returns’ design exercise, because one does need to keep enough bezel to have room to be able actually hold the product, so going beyond that is a waste of Engineering and R&D dollars.

    1. There is no story here..
      Apple has always offered trade in value.. and this year is no exception.

      There is no special promo.
      Apple is not offering any extra discounts , just offering somewhat market value (actually less ) on iphobe 7 plus.. that’s it..
      Lots of Fud.

  3. Mdn.. why are some of my posts not showing up..
    I tried several times.. its says u already posted that.. but there is nothing.

    Yet some other posts are showing up.

    Im trying to post some numbers showing that there is no panic sale going on on Apples side.. and that all this XR discount issues are bogus and fud…
    But the post wont show up.

    Why ?

  4. Xfinity Mobile gave me a $300 Visa Card just for buying my XsMax at launch September 21 from them, a two year interest free loan for the phone and almost “free” unlimited Talk & Text for $1.24/mo in taxes. Don’t use their Verizon Cell Network which costs $12/GB. All data cell service is deliberately turned OFF. So in essence I got 20% off the price of the XsMax with no trade in and almost free service ‘cause I never use the cell network for data. I’m in a WiFi zone 99.9999999% of the time.🤪

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