President Trump’s G20 bromance with China’s Xi means one thing: An epic Santa Claus rally for stocks

“It’s time to charge that extra $5,000 holiday gift because the year-end for stocks could be pretty sweet,” Brian Sozzi writes for Yahoo Finance.

“And you can thank President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping for the inevitable rip-roaring rally into 2019,” Sozzi writes. “Well, that and investor foe turned short-termed bestie, Fed Chair Jerome Powell.”

“Trump and his Chinese counterpart agreed at this weekend’s G20 to delay higher tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods from China; the increase, from 10% to 25% was set to hit Jan. 1. The decision will be a 90-day ceasefire. China will purchase a ‘very substantial’ amount of agricultural, industrial and electronics products, according to the U.S. side,” Sozzi writes. “With the perception of the Fed being a touch more accommodative, investors are apt to wade back into beaten-up, above-normal risk assets. See battered tech stocks such as Apple, Netflix and Amazon.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Okay, so who here got in at under $171? 🙂

Stock market set to jump at open on 90-day U.S.-China trade detente – December 3, 2018


  1. There is a recession coming.
    Mueller is coming.
    Speaker Pelosi is coming.


      1. What success? A handful of contradicting press ops from a feckless administration that is getting its ass handed to it by China in its “easy to win” trade war? A 90 day truce against inflammatory tweets? Where is the deal in writing? Oh, just like North Korea, there is no deal. Just a big photo op claiming that we plan to start work on a future deal. Maybe. There is no substance to the Trump administrations incessant yapping and barking.

        Why is it that the self-proclaimed world’s greatest dealmaker has nothing to show for two years of arrogant tweets and half assed meetings with China? Has China stopped its IP theft? Has China lowered any of its import restrictions? Has China done anything to cut the flood of synthetic opiates it uses to poison Americans? No, no, and no. Trump declares that his unilateral consumer tax on Americans is delayed over a fancy dinner with Xi, and you declare victory??? What kind of sheep are you?

        Wake up and you will see that, Trump threatens much and accomplishes little. Exactly the opposite of a past great progressive leader who spoke softly and carried a big stick. Trump is too simpleminded to establish the more powerful and effective multilateral trade reform that the world needs, so he attempts bilateral bullying in vain. He should know by now that the USA has very little leverage against China. Add 25% taxes on the top of 90% of the consumer goods that the daily American relies on and poof, the American economy will look like a dust bowl. A wise leader would push American megacorporations to diversify and reinvigorate its domestic production before playing hardball with China, but Trump has his horse before the cart. Because Trump has frayed the friendships that America spent a century building, there are few countries rallying to assist Trump in his crusade against imports. On the contrary, every other nation was happy to line up to get mutually beneficial deals with China. Trade, you see, is supposed to benefit both countries.

        The fact that you can’t see that Trump isn’t conservative, nor effective, tells everyone all we need to know about you, D. The more you support the orange isolationist xenophobe, the more America will lose its competitiveness and standing in the world. Too bad. It was a good run.

          1. He does not have a scintilla of a CLUE. I gave up trying to DECIPHER his screeds using shreds of facts mixed with leftist opinion and extrapolated to render FALSE conclusions. I no longer waste my time on blowhards…

        1. If you stand on your head, the market went up by nearly 800 points today. The biggest gains (from that viewpoint) were stocks like APPL and Boeing with China exposure. The only world stock market that bucked the trend was the Hang Seng, which is projected to go down (if you are standing on your head) from about 27,000 to 28,000 in the next few days. We are really sticking it to the Chinese, aren’t we?

      1. I find it hilarious how Trump talks about tariffs as if he thinks that he is charging the Chinese tariffs. It is like he doesn’t know that American’s pay the tariffs on Chinese goods. He MAY actually know that he is taxing Americans with these tariffs but when he says this, his base will believe the Chinese are paying.

  2. I’ve mentioned this numerous times before.. but for clarity sake..
    Im not at all a patrisan person.. or indoctrinated in any shape or form.. i just say it as i see it.

    Now all the libs can curse as much as they like ..
    Or line me up for my execution.

    But hats of to Trump!
    One gutsy president who knows how to get things done.
    (Forget if he likes to show off or not talk in the pseudo elitist manner)
    He has got brass. He confronts critical issues and does not kick the can down the road…

    Now.. lineup and load up …

    1. Most likely your finest post to date. Great to read common sense and intelligent observations Trump the political party HATE and reality distortions from 24/7 liberal media and Hollywood. What we have here is the greatest achievements by a president ignored by the media and one of the finest First Ladies shunned by the magazine, fashion and entertainment industries. The good news is the average person sees it exactly for what it is while the detractors look like the fools they are…

  3. The problem is he cannot be allowed to speak in public because he sounds like a blabbering idiot. People can only see him for that and they cannot see the good things he is doing.. My thought is good or bad at lease he is doing something.

    1. Well said, whatever!

      Doing something is only useful when it’s the right thing.

      Forgive the long winded post below but somebody has to point out to the trumpanzee circus here on MDN that a 90 day reprieve from Apple customers getting smacked with a 25% consumer tax on chinese made Apple products is not a “victory”. What has happened is that yappy tweetaholic Trump walked away empty handed and so the administration has to spin a feelgood ending to a tragic self-inflicted trade suicide. The Trump administration has nothing but sound bites to offer from this round in the trade war. They were the ones threatening slapping on a 25% tarriff, now they backed down. China has offered nothing in writing in return.

      After 2 years of praising dictators and communist premiers while fraying relations with every other democracy in the world, Trump has set very low expectations for his G20 photo op. Yet the usual trumpanzees (paid, presumably) are out in force to insult “libs”, the standard label they affix to anyone who sees through the smokescreen. Trump is just the latest court jester of the red brand “deep state”.

      Sane Americans hope that the oligarchs pulling the strings of this corrupt US administration will be revealed by Mueller soon. Unfortunately, the damage that Trump and his multinational corrupt cronies have done will haunt America for decades. Trump has harmed America — not made it greater — by taking everyone’s eye off the long term goals. A great leader can rally 100% of Americans to work toward common goals. Instead Trump has led the infighting and political quagmire at home and abroad. That’s intentional, of course. It’s perfect cover for the rich to offload more losses onto public accounts while privatizing and offshoring their financial gains. Keep the sheep fearful and drug addicted, it’s profitable.

      America now faces the end of a decade long bull market with no savings in its pockets, a nasty opiod addiction, a divided nation, and very few global friends. Trump’s handlers are riding high though. They have their treasure rooms piled high in the Cayman Islands. Life is good for the richest 1%. The other 99% of Americans are holding their breath waiting for the house of cards to fall. Trump when not golfing or Faux TV watching or binging on Maralago greaseburgers does what? He tweets ill formed selfish xenophobic opinions. He has done nothing to incentivize small business, entrepreneurs, immigrants, or the working class to build a bigger pie and earn a share of it. The harder they work, the more is skimmed off by “dealmakers”. The tax “reform” put pennies in the pockets of hardworking middle class and poor Americans while allowing corporate executives to line their pockets and buy back more company stock, further lining their pockets. Personal income tax brackets were temporarily dropped a wee bit, but corporate tax rates permanently slashed. To make up for the massive debt, Trump wants to tax consumers with unilateral and arbitrary tariffs.

      Well, that’s just one part of the Trump circus act. He’s spent lots of taxpayer money flying Air Force 1 around to rallies for fellow scientifically illiterate, fiscally illiterate xenophobes. He thinks there can never be too much spending on border security while doing absolutely nothing to prevent psychologically deranged people from getting their hands on military grade weapons. Strongman Mussolini wannabe Trump will be happy to hold rallies but has done nothing whatsoever to shore up finances, education, health, business competitiveness, government costs and efficiency, nor any other reform that America needs to see a prosperous future century. Other than cheap gas to be wastefully burnt in 6000 pound SUVs that at most are used to haul two 250 pound lard asses, the costs of doing business in America are out of control. Real estate is bubbling and ready to pop. Trained, sober workers willing to do skilled manual labor are hard to find. Described by his supporters as “hard working”, Trump does not rise before 10am to conduct the nation’s business. What a great role model.

      It’s not just Trump, he’s only the latest idiot. Never mind all the crises emerging after 40 years of horrid fiscal mismanagement of both parties, the usual partisan asswipes will come here to blame “libs”. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, they are now programmed to attack the 55% of Americans who see what a fraud Trump is. What will they say when the fit hits the shan? They blamed Bush’s war debts and lack of regulation on Obama. The same revisionist history is likely to happen as Trump leaves office, since the rethuglicans are getting good at leaving ticking fiscal time bombs behind them. 12 years of Congressional control and the self serving dipshits in red couldn’t slow the runaway budget bloat, nor even propose a means to balance the budget. They couldn’t voted their handlers a great tax break and some misogynist partisan antichristian judges though. Modern Rome is burning. The fire wasn’t set by liberals, progressives, moderates, independents, or even true fiscal conservatives. The undermining of America has been done by the corrupt 2 parties, both fiscally self serving and complicit in screwing the citizen by serving their corporate masters. Piece by piece, all sovereignty of the American is being replaced by corporatocracy, and the antiquated Constitution is helpless to stop it because the poor Founding Fathers never believed that Americans would allow companies to get so powerful or politics so nasty, partisan, and short sighted. When America defaults on its burgeoning debts, you can’t point to Obama and “the libs” as the cause. Obama just presided over the budgeting of corporate welfare that was handed to him by financially illiterate Arbusto The Minor. Trump is on his way to multiplying American debt. Why? His corporate handlers know that Americans have been bred for generations to be lazy fat consumers, the best way to ensure they stay that way is to freak them out with fear mongering on social and security issues while robbing them blind fiscally. It’s worked for 40 years, why stop now? Both corrupt parties will continue to do it as long as they get a cut of the graft.

      Apple is wise to be silent on Trump’s continued ineffective Chinese trade war. Unfortunately, Cook is almost as useless as Trump. He has made zero steps to diversify Apple. Instead Apple spends millions to turn its stores red for Aids day. Any trade upset with China will clobber Apple hard. How hypocrites here continue to glorify Apple, the poster boy for globalization and corporate greed, a company that has outsourced almost all its hardware production to Communist China, while at the same time supporting the most corrupt and ignorant president, isolationist xenophobe Trump, remains a great mystery. They are at opposite ends of a very big spectrum socially. Maybe MDN just likes to back the most greedy self serving people in the room?

          1. 1-Its manipulation allright…100%…been following closely 😉
            …. the rest of us are not as stupid as some here.

            2- are you and few of your fanatical, indoctrinated friends the rest of the world ..?… lol

            3- and for sure.. many countries absolutely love their unfair trade balance with us…..Why would they like Trumps attempts to level the playing field. (Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out…. )

            And last point on which i rest my case is :

            It seems the only ones acting and screaming like a monkey is you and your buddies champ!

            Violent, anarchist, rude, hypocritical bunch of deluded morons.
            Wolf in sheeps skin so to speak.. but the morons dont realize the skin is quite transparent.

            1. Well i get links to mdn from friends forwarded to me all the time and usually I just vote and write nothing. Sometimes I post it to social media, usually making fun of you fact free trump worshippers. Does that make me a fraud to you yojimbo? Snowflake.

  4. Look, this is just compromise and it lasts for three months. This allows the USA and the PRC to step back try and to come to some kind of mutual agreement because given the constraints, motivations and ideologies of both sides that’s the best that can be hoped for. Let’s see what happens after the ninety period has ended. If they don’t come to an agreement then the world is stuffed.

    The European, Japanese and South Korean economies are all slowing as is the Chinese economy. The public and private debt levels of China is $US39 trillion which is 200 per cent of their GDP. They have to keep their growth rates up or the economy will fall over. To be honest, the Chinese economy is real worry anyway.

    As for the US economy (and this will have some readers howling) it is beginning to hit capacity constraints. Inflation is going up whilst the US Federal Reserve is consistently raising interests rates to try to gradually slow down the economy. However these higher interest rates are leading to capital inflows into of the USA attracted by the higher returns but conversely is leading to capital outflows from developing countries. And they need those funds to develop their economies so their bond rates increase to stop the outflows.

    Foreign financial institutions that purchase funds from the US are having to pay higher interest rates for these funds and are passing this on to customers.

    So my point is this, unless we find a way to get the world economy’s growth rate increased then we’re just one shock
    away (again) from a world recession and it’ll be worse than the last one because all the major economies are sitting on enormous piles of debt and they won’t have the funds to provide sufficient stimulus. If I was a betting man (and I am) I’d be thinking the world economy is in for a slow down (and then we’ll see what happens after that). Late 2019 and into 2020 will be a lot different from 2018.

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