Target may finally be preparing to bring Apple Pay to stores

“The days of Apple Pay not being accepted at Target could be coming to an end,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “According to a number of users on Twitter, the Target store in San Francisco is currently accepting Apple Pay purchases in its premises.”

“While this has yet to be rolled out to its other 1,821 stores, this suggests the company may be changing its stance on Apple’s mobile payment service,” Dormehl reports. “Target has been a notable holdout when it comes to accepting Apple Pay.”

“It’s not clear why the company may have changed its position,” Dormehl reports. “There’s a chance that the store in question activated NFC payments by mistake, although it’s equally (if not more?) possible that this is a small scale trial, which could later roll out to other venues.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Make it so, Target. Serve your customers. Stop throwing up artificial roadblocks that hinder the way your best customers want to pay – with their Appel Watches and iPhones!

Boycott any company that willfully turns off NFC in a effort to block the vastly more secure, much more private, and far easier-to-use Apple Pay service – especially companies that have proven to have lax security that puts your personal data at risk!

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  1. I was a cashier at Target for about six months beginning last holiday season. The number of people who asked about Apple Pay was near zero. In six months, maybe a half dozen or so.

    Now I’m a cashier at IKEA, and maybe one person a week asks about it. We do take it at our store, by the way.

  2. I’ve found it better to just try it than to ask the cashier. Most don’t have a clue about any of the Apple Pay-type options.

    Of the few places I shop regularly, only one doesn’t take it. It’s a great store let down by the last step in the shopping chain.

  3. I am confused. Apple Pay comes with contactless payments doesn’t it? There is no ‘Apple Pay to be turned on’ its about having a POS Terminal that accepts tap and go NFC cards right? Why do some retailers in the US not accept NFC credit/debit cards? I am from Au where every retailer takes tap and go/ApplePay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay/NFC Credit/Debit cards.

  4. I enjoy using Apple Pay, but when doing so my local grocery stores still require me to input my PIN number. I know this is an added safety feature, but I feel this slows down the transaction. I can easily take out my physical card and do the same process.

  5. Fuck Target. My credit cards were hacked when they got compromised. Same with Marriott. Every time these compromises are reported I always report my card as stolen.

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