“A judge last week ruled that banks will be allowed to sue Target for negligence stemming from the retailer’s gargantuan credit card breach from December of 2013,” Yoni Heisler reports for TUAW. “A slew of big time retailers, from Home Depot to Neiman Marcus, also suffered embarrassing credit card breaches over the past year.”

“With banks, at least in this instance, now having the green light to sue retailers for credit card breaches, the value proposition for Apple Pay amongst retailers should be glaringly clear,” Heisler reports. “As we’ve detailed before, the security mechanisms that govern Apple Pay are extremely robust and are at the forefront of an emerging global credit card payments standard.”

Heisler reports, “Simply put, it’s not a stretch to say that Apple Pay is the safest way to make any type of credit card payment.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boycott CVS and Rite Aid and any other company that willfully turns off NFC in a effort to block the vastly more secure, much more private, and far easier-to-use Apple Pay service.

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