Apple CEO Tim Cook to receive Anti-Defamation League’s 2018 Courage Against Hate Award on December 3rd

The recipient of the Anti-Defamation League’s 2018 Courage Against Hate Award, Apple CEO Tim Cook, will be a speaker at the ADL’s 2018 Never Is Now event on December 3, 2018, which runs from 9am-6pm in the Metropolitan Pavilion on 125 West 18th Street in Manhattan.

Beginning at 3:20pm, Apple CEO Tim Cook will be presented with ADL’s 2018 Courage Against Hate Award.

Never Is Now is ADL’s Annual Summit on Anti-Semitism and Hate. As ADL’s signature annual event, it is at its core, a one day conference focused on understanding contemporary drivers and dynamics of anti-Semitism. At Never Is Now, attendees can hear from experts, academics and leaders in the fight against anti-Semitism, bigotry and all forms of hatred.

The even will be live-streamed here:

The ADL’s profile on Apple CEO Tim Cook is here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congratulations to Tim on receiving the Anti-Defamation League’s 2018 Courage Against Hate Award!

Racial prejudice, anti-Semitism, or hatred of anyone with different beliefs has no place in the human mind or heart. — Billy Graham

I don’t stand for anti-Semitism. We can’t have that. — Charles Barkley

Anti-Semitism is a noxious weed that should be cut out. — William Howard Taft


  1. OK, I’ll say it-

    Congratulations to Tim Cook for this award.
    It’s nice to see such a high profile person recognized in the fight against anti-semitism.

    But I’ll also add this….if the ADL was REALLY looking for a person who fought against hate in the name of anti-semitism, it would be the person who moved the American embassy to Jerusalem after decades of cowardice.

    It would be the person who finally said ‘NO!’ to funding the PLO in their continued quest to destroy Israel.

    It would be the person who is helping build a coalition between the Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians and the Jews to stop Iran’s aggression.

    It would be the person who has faced hate from around the world and ESPECIALLY in his own country (mainly from those who profess to be ‘friends’ of the Jews) as he put these plans into motion. A man who’s daughter, son-in-law and grandkids are Jewish.

    What did Barack Obama ever do for the Children of Israel? He merely took their money, gave them empty promises and helped fuel hate in the Middle East.

    Again, congrats to Time Cook.
    And shame on the ADL for being such a political tool.

    1. Nice fantasy, devoid of any understanding of the geo political tensions at play, no mention of the disproportionate Palestinian casualty and death rate due to the conflict or Israel’s illegal annexation of the West Bank. All of which have huge consequences, but you roll it up into a simple – and totally wrong decision to move the Embassy in contravention of International agreements and Israel’s Supreme Court who have ruled it illegal.
      And yet somehow it’s going to make the Middle East more peaceful? Proof positive that ignorance is bliss.

      1. Ignorance is stating land which was lost in war is ‘illegal annexation”.

        Ignorance is claiming there is a disproportionate death rate between those who start skirmishes and those trying to protect the rule of law.

        Ignorance is Congress passing a law decades ago and Presidents ignoring the reality of where the capitol of a nation is.

        Ignorance is thinking appeasement to a conquered invader who has done noting for peace in 45 years will lead to peace “next year, or the next, or maybe the next…”

        Your fantasy of the anyone caring about the PLO anymore is just that, a fantasy. None of the Arab nations want them and have grown tired of their being used by the Persians. Time for them to quit being “mental refugees” and move on. Cutting funding to them is like taking a teenager’s allowance away and making them grow up, go out into the real world and get a job.

        I think the lack of understanding is in your court.

        1. Thank you for your very thoughtful comments. It is mind boggling how the world is so against Israel and defends the Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel. If Israel defends themselves they are “murderes”. Israel wants peace but the Arab world wants nothing more then iradicate them from the face of the world.

        2. “Time for them to quit being ‘mental refugees’ and move on.”

          Move on to where? Their ancestral homes within the 1948-67 borders of Israel? The territories conquered in 1967 where they are stateless persons confined to a steadily shrinking patchwork of Arab areas and refugee camps separated by Jewish settlements and highways? The Arab states in the region that are already past the saturation point with Palestinian and Syrian refugees? America?

          The ideal held out by most of the world for most of the last 51 years has been for them to have their own genuinely sovereign state living in peace with Israel. There have been times (notably the Camp David Accords in 1978 and the Oslo Accords in 1993-95) when there seemed to be progress towards that as a realistic goal.

          It has repeatedly been shot down by opposition on both sides. It is not helpful to absolve Israel for its part in that, or reasonable to expect that the US can have a useful role in mediating a settlement if it is seen as concerned only about one side.

          1. No, TXUser, it has been shot down every time there was hope by Arafat and the PLO. Don’t kid yourself or anyone else, let alone lie about this, that they want to live in peace with Israel.

            Egypt and Jordan wanted to live in peace with Israel, made moves to do so and have for most of the last 40 years.

            Syria, Lebanon and the PLO chose a different path aided by Iran and have had no peace since.

            The Palestinians have worn out their welcome and proved they cannot self rule even Gaza without constant attacks on the IDF to try and fool the world as it has you.

            You say they can’t move on? Why? This has been done by cultures for centuries. This so called ‘homeland’ of theirs hasn’t been theirs for generations. No other refugee situation has EVER been handled by the UN or anyone else like the Palestinians yet despite all the BILLIONS spent on them they are still an angry useless lot allowing the hatred of radical Islam and non-Arabs like Iran and Turkey set their destiny turning them into nothing more than a paid mob class.

            People like you who think they are trying to do the right thing have kept this situation intolerable far too long and it is time to end it. Jordan has its hands full as well as Egypt (which America pays) with “refugees” (which they AREN’T!) and Syria has its hands full with its own stupidity which has ruined Lebanon and almost dragged Iraq down with it. I see the Saudis, Kuwaitis and UAE as responsible to absorb as many as they can instead of the Pakistanis, Indonesians, Sri Lankans and others they import for menial labor.

            And let me save you the usual leftist ‘racist’ step used to shut down a discussion: My fiancee is Circassian, so I understand the hardships on those of losing a homeland. She is Muslim, so I see the religious side of this, and her late husband (also Circassian) was raised in the Golan Heights until Syria lost it. The family then moved to Syria and on to the US where he made a good living and returned to the Middle East (Jordan) and started another successful business, so I see and believe in the side of moving on.

            Instead of asking so many questions like you did before, why don’t you seriously try to answer them and see the reality instead of the drama.

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