Apple CEO Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump visit Wilder School District in Idaho today

“Ivanka Trump — President Donald Trump’s adviser and daughter — and Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook will visit Wilder schools Tuesday to examine the district’s use of technology, a White House spokesman confirmed Monday evening,” Nate Poppino reports for The Idaho Statesman. “‘Adviser to the President Ivanka Trump is traveling to Idaho as part of her ongoing workforce development and STEM initiatives and will visit the Wilder School District with Apple CEO Tim Cook,’ said Judd Deere, director of media affairs at the White House.”

“The stop is the latest in a series of tours by Trump as part of her work with the National Council for the American Worker,” Poppino reports. “Apple has recently worked with Trump and the White House to highlight education best practices for STEM and computer science. Cook connected Trump earlier this year with the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center, part of the Waukee School District in Iowa.”

“Wilder was among 114 low-income schools in 29 states to receive help from Apple two years ago for students without easy access to technology, the Idaho Statesman reported in March 2016,” Poppino reports. “The company at that time donated an iPad to every student and teacher in the district, for use at school and at home.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to students and teachers in the Wilder School District!

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  1. Maybe if Apple wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg for their products I’m not saying that they become Dell. But lower them a little bit into a more reasonable price range considering the stuff doesn’t cost them a ton to make they could actually get in the education market. what Apple really needs to do is make a basic Computer that isn’t fancy looking they could make an iMac the all-in-one like we do now but instead of making it so thin make it more just basic and we could get it into schools or make an educational iPad instead of everybody using chrome books. The problem is Apple wants to make a Tonna money on everything rather than trying to grow with his customer base

    1. Won’t work. K-12 is all about cheap. It doesn’t matter if one product is better than another. You could make a cheaper Apple whatever, but if something else is cheaper, then schools will buy it. It’s kind of like a compliance device. Schools buy tech to comply with parents’ wishes that they appear to stay up-to-date. However, when kids get to college, they buy what they want and Macs dominate.

      1. Right, it will not happen under Cook until he tosses the premium pricing beancounter strategy out the window. Apple has allowed low cost competitors to waltz right in and push them out. Revive the eMac laptop and do it better at the same price as competitors. If they can do it, why not Apple?Education of children is too important to turn your back on…

        1. Years ago I floated the idea of a Chromebook killer by using ‘A’ series chip with a MODIFIED OSX like iOS variant is modified variant in a laptop type device. Schools have already clearly said they wanted attached keyboards (for ease of maintenance ) and cost is a big factor. Many schools have already said they don’t like iPads.

          The ‘A’ books could be slightly more expensive than Chromebooks due to build quality but not many hundreds like MacBooks now. They can run school apps and cloud apps etc. Modified OSX (MacOS) means the new device won’t cannibalize MacBooks etc.

          They need a system for a control hub for teachers etc.

          Apple should have listened to schools a long time ago, like they should have listened to pro Mac users. Most schools in USA aren’t trying to be ‘creative’ (like the iPad initiative earlier where Apple wanted teachers to ‘create’ lessons etc), they are trying to SURVIVE. They have no budget where teachers have overcrowded classes etc …
          (My wife has a Masters in Education from Chicago).

          With hundreds of millions of students world wide and also possibility of the ‘A’ laptop OS being used as terminals in businesses like banks, order kiosks etc Apple could have made a run for it.

          Instead we got Coffee Table books, furniture, a fruit farm, etc and now Diamond Rings.

          Apple asleep allowed CHROMEBOOKS from ZERO to get to 70% of the school market and Msft most of the rest.

  2. AAPL is getting the living snot pounded out of it, yet again today and this is what Pipeline is doing about it.

    Clueless does not even begin to describe Pipeline.

  3. Ivanka really? Trump’s second cousin will be discussing curriculum with the teachers. His aunt regarding gym equipment. His mother’s brother’s cousin will talk education reform.

    Sheeeesh. Maybe get someone with a qualification other than being daddy’s girl and hawking jewellery.

    1. DavGreg,
      By now you must realize there are two realities. In other words,
      the Pretender in Chief can say these things but it does not apply to him or his family.
      Oh well, the mid-term elections show that you only have to put up with it for a maximum of two more years before this stupidity ends. Chances are Mueller will shorten that wait.
      BTW, I double checked my spelling as some people here are so anal and cannot understand content.

      1. Actually most Presidents lose faaaaar more seats in their first mid-term than Trump and STILL go on to win re-election.

        Sorry, Buster…maybe Canada should start building a southern-border wall to keep all those future American refugees out??

  4. Agreed.

    The iPad push for education has long ago proven to be a fruitless fantasy and Chromebooks with keyboards, connections, lower costs filled the void overnight.

    Apple once owned the education market and they screwed the pooch big time by abandoning the students and not LISTENING to the needs of the average school district. Aaah, it’s called budgets not premium Apple adoration.

    Understand charging more for build quality, but here is a radical thought. Make a laptop the same build quality and price as the competition. By offering a superior OS, virus security and ecosystem it would be NO contest. OK, maybe 50 bucks more per unit so Tim can sleep at night.

    No other way to recapture the education market except head to head competition. The meeting today is a positive step, but it looks like more show than substance. Cook is not going to change course anytime soon and very sad, the status quo most likely will remain with Apple on the outside looking in…

    1. yes, GeoB has some good points

      whatever anyone’s political leanings it’s an undisputed fact that, with Chromebooks from Zero to 70% in education and msft most of the rest , Apple had mishandled the school situation and Apple;s recent iPads for ‘creative’ teachers isn’t going to turn things around. ( for most teachers ,overwhelmed , having time to ‘create’ personal lessons is sheer fantasy — like for pro Mac users for some years Apple seems tone deaf ). (more of my thoughts above)

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