No, Microsoft didn’t overtake Apple as most valuable company

“A number of news outlets reported over the weekend that Microsoft briefly overtook Apple as the most valuable U.S. company,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “This followed several weeks of precipitous declines for Apple, which has seen billions of dollars wiped off its market cap.”

“In fact, Apple continues to lead Microsoft with a valuation of $817.6 billion to Microsoft’s $791 billion,” Dormehl reports. “The incorrect reports were caused by confusion about Apple’s number of outstanding shares, used to calculate market cap.”

“It will be interesting to see how things shake out from here,” Dormehl reports. “Last week, Mad Money host Jim Cramer opined that the stock market, “can’t stabilize until Apple stabilizes. My view? Apple is a long-term hold, with its huge installed base giving the company’s service revenue stream a lot of room to grow, which is why you own it [and] don’t trade it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Currently, Apple’s market cap stands at $816.209 billion. Microsoft is at $808.843 billion. And anyone who thinks Microsoft is worth more than Apple is batshit insane.

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    1. Why weren’t you bitching when Tim made Apple the most valuable company i the world?

      Why are you still holding on to shares if you thing Tim is such a disaster? Surely, you would have enough common sense to sell, no?

  1. Not one drooling Pipeline supporter has had the courage to say at what price Apple is in trouble. It’s now -$64 in the past 3 weeks. The gutless cowards who can do nothing but one star cant say when enough is enough.

    Is -$100 enough blithering idiots?

    Is -$150 enough knuckle dragging apes?

    Spineless, gutless cowards support Pipeline.

    1. You have some serious anger issues, Von Tink. If you want a response to your demands, check out previous articles in which you have posted the same rant.

      I am an Apple shareholder and the current drop, while unpleasant, really isn’t causing me any heartburn. My reinvested dividends will buy more shares, and I believe that the price of AAPL will rebound and reach new highs in the future. No worries.

      The price of AAPL really has nothing to do with the fundamentals or Apple’s product strength. It is just fear and emotion combined with “momentum” investors jumping off of the Apple train. No big deal. The selloff will end soon enough.

      You are truly a pathetic excuse for a human being, btw.

  2. Yeah, Microsoft has this little niche of the market, called ENTERPRISE,
    Also, Its so embarrassing knowing that my kids school is all chromebooks now, Apple figured schools would just SEE how “cool” they are, and keep buying macs, but alas, no,

    So now Google gets into the kids heads with their entire suite of products, including phones that they are advertising all over the place..

    Yes, Pipeline, wtf?

    1. When I learned in school, it was 100% on Apple computers. High school, college, and grad school, all 100% Apple. Today, you never see Apple computers in school. My daughter learns on a Chromebook. My son, on a PC.

      Pipeline doesnt give a shit about the Mac and it shows.

    2. While I certainly agree that Pipeline Timmy has screwed up the Mac lineup, Apple is still trouncing MS in every way. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple services are serial blockbusters.

      In July, MS reported revenue of $30.1 billion, net income of $8.9 billion, while Apple reported revenue of $53.3 billion, and profit of $11.5 billion. (BTW, Amazon record a $2 Billion profit for the first time in its history in July, yet somehow has a similar market cap to Apple.)

      Also, in May, 2018, it was reported that Apple is sitting on $285 Billion in cash, more than MS ($147B) and Google ($102B) combined.

      This Apple stock dip has nothing to do with the fundamentals of the company.

      But I still hope that Cook & Co. read this review of the mini:

  3. Ishkabibble Von Tink must be living in New Mexico or Delaware, In Northeast USA, I see 4 out of 5 laptops at all coffee shops are Macs, Newhouse School at Syracuse University 80% Mac, Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY 90% Mac, All Magazines and Newspapers here 90% Mac, other 10-20% is Accounting and Sales Bozos who use only Excel, & Word. Your kids schools must really suck because all they can do with Chromebooks is watch unfiltered Porn.

    1. Been a Mac user since 88, never have I seen so many Macs in shops and businesses while there is little else in studios and the press. Geez even up market hairdressers and the like love to show the upwardly mobile that they use Macs. That’s not the problem it’s Apples slowness in the exploitation of that in lateral ways that has been the problem if anything or to simply keep them up to date regularly.

  4. I think that both the Cook naysayers and the Trump naysayers are proving correct. Cook can’t innovate himself out of a wet paper bag. Trump is economically clueless, singlehandedly undermining trade and international relations so badly that every US manufacturer large and small is preparing for the worst, and soon.

    Apple is now a show pony staring at an impending economic downturn. How fast and how deep is the only question. Look at the rest of the market, the fear is real. Ford said it’s steel costs jumped over a billion thanks to Trump, now GM is shuttering plants like crazy. Apple, a company that makes almost nothing in America, is the poster child for globalization. It is getting pounded because the current administration has chosen to penalize all global trade. Cook of course is slow on the uptake so instead of having diversified and vertically integrated any of Apple’s manufacturing, is just waiting for the promised tariffs to hit. His overpriced bimbo retail chief made the brilliant move of blowing out overpriced Apple inventory at Amazon so that she doesn’t have to add clearance corners to Apple Stores. Amazon will profit, and probably sell a lot of Amazon gadgets when shoppers see how even at slashed prices, Apple products offer less value.

    Since Apple has practically no low cost products, no enterprise ready products, no beginner level stuff that emerging and new customers from around the world can justify buying, means that Apple will finally have to reset and discover why they ever were a preferred computer maker in the first place — hint: it’s not because Apple made the thinnest products.

    So it is no surprise that delusional MDN refuses to see that MSFT has been outperforming Apple for most of 2018, and easily keeping up for 2 years with its huge progress in non-consumer markets. Microsoft will continue to plug away because it has the vast majority of large and small enterprise tied into its services. Rain or shine, Microsoft will continue to make money. In contrast, SMART customers would not touch Apple’s cloud and media rental services with a 10 million foot pole. They will slash these cute luxury services when bad economic times hit.

    @ macawesome: if you think coffee shop surveys are a valid gauge of business success …. just stop.

      1. Specifics, my dear citizen? What specifically is incorrect in my post? Other than the fact you don’t like the reality that Trump and Apple are both taking unnecessary risks?

  5. In this era when thin skinned blowhards cover their ears when confronted with bad news and yell “fake news” at everything complex that their ignorant narrow little heads cannot grasp, where does MDN stand?

    If MDN retracts this story and issues a correction, admitting that MS did actually surpass Apple in the fickle market, then there is hope.

    I suspect however that that is too much work for MDN. They will not set the record straight and will continue to be a hypocrite, lashing out at others when their own House of Ads is a pile of BS and opinions.

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