Microsoft briefly passes Apple in market value

“For the first time in years, Apple Inc. gave up its crown as the world’s most valuable publicly traded company on Monday, at least for part of the trading day,” Ryan Vlastelica reports for Bloomberg.

“Shares of the iPhone maker have dropped sharply over the past several weeks, and the decline has erased about $300 billion in market capitalization from the company, which crested at a record $1.1 trillion valuation in early October,” Vlastelica reports. “The slump ultimately took the company’s market cap below that of Microsoft Corp.’s on Monday, the first time in more than eight years that Microsoft was worth more by this metric. It was also the first time since 2013 that any company topped it, ever since Apple eclipsed Exxon Mobil Corp. in size, according to an analysis of Bloomberg data.”

“Apple’s market cap hovered around $823.66 billion as of 3:15 p.m. in New York, while Microsoft’s stood at $823.90 billion, although the two spent much of Monday afternoon jockeying for the top seat in intraday action,” Vlastelica reports. “While Apple analysts see it transitioning to a business model based more on services than unit sales, there could be more pain ahead for the stock, which could dethrone it from the number-one spot in a more decisive fashion.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone unit sales are worth $300 billion. Good to know. That also tells you all you need to know about how the stock market assigns value.

BTW, Apple closed today up $2.33 (+1.35%) at $174.62 with a market value of $828.642 billion. Microsoft’s market value at close: $817.287 billion.

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  1. Apple is losing value in the most vital metric: Loyalty . The current CEO is not loyal to the true principles upon Apple was built . The users are returning the favor accordingly and that is more damaging to the future of Apple .

  2. What folks need to remember is Apple and Microsoft really are not competing any longer. Apple is focused on the consumer and Microsoft is focused on the Enterprise. Azure and Office365 are excellent products and nothing Apple has can compare. It isn’t about macOS vs. Windows, Surface vs. iPad/MacBook, etc. These are both two great companies with two very different focuses.

    1. Two very different focuses indeed. Microsoft wants to rent you tools to run an enterprise. Apple wants to rent you media and sell overpriced bling bling.

    1. Tomorrow? Try 4pm today. AAPL fell sharply after hours losing all of today’s gains and then some. -2% in another wave of heavy selling.

      I won’t blame this move on Pipeline because that’s clearly not the case.

      Pipeline has done enough technical damage to the stock to be removed from his position already.

  3. Microsoft’s SW runs on just about anything made from Mac OS to iOS to Android to Windows, etc.

    Apple’s SW is chained to their operating systems. Those Ones only run on their HW that the company is steadily marching upmarket in price.

    Preferences aside, which market is bigger?

  4. In 2018, Microsoft generated 110.36 billion U.S. dollars in revenue,

    In 2018, Apple announced its highest annual revenue to date with 265.6 billion U.S. dollars generated in revenue.

    Shows you how logical Wall Street is.

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