Apple considering launching a lower cost Apple TV streaming stick

“Apple is considering launching a small dongle that could plug into TV sets, giving more users access to its new streaming service,” Matthew Field writes for The Telegraph. “The iPhone-maker already has a premium set-top streaming box – the Apple TV – but rivals Google and Amazon have both found success with their downmarket streaming sticks.”

“Apple is in the process of developing its own TV streaming service with original shows that it hopes will rival those produced by Netflix or Amazon Prime Video,” Field writes. “The service is set to be limited, however, and only available on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad or its Apple TV box.”

MacDailyNews Take: Not “limited,” exclusive.

“A new budget streaming box would help widen its appeal, according to technology news site The Information,” Field writes. “Apple is said to be preparing to launch its streaming service as early as March 2019… Apple has around 15p percent of the streaming media player market, having first launched its Apple TV box in 2006.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A low-cost Apple TV streaming stick with healthy margins make sense for the launch of Apple’s streaming content service, unless Apple’s main intent is to drive sales of iPhone, iPad, and Macs by offering exclusive content for free only to owners of Apple products. In that case, it might make sense to leave the Apple TV as the entry point since $149 to get Apple’s streaming content will be a low entry price compared to Apple’s other options.

To us, $99 seems like the magic entry point for non-Apple product owners for an Apple TV device capable of accessing Apple’s streaming service when it launches.

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  1. The latest high-end Roku Ultra (with headphones) can now be had for $49.99 on Amazon, so an AppleTV stick wouldn’t be a good deal for $99. Apple should just stick with its traditional AppleTV and maybe add more features or some freebie content. Apple seems to be making some odd decisions, IMHO. I’d read AppleTV is selling quite well.

  2. WOW, such innovation from Pipeline.

    Someone should inform him that the firestick already exists.

    Pipeline needs to be removed so he can concentrate on his social justice causes and let adults run Apple.

  3. Apple marketing is convinced that people worried about spending an extra $50 to buy an ATV are going to fork over $15 a pop to buy movies? What idiots.

    Content cost is way too high with ATV, which is why it’s failed to become a market leader.

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