Apple CEO Cook: ‘We are devastated by the senseless violence overnight in Thousand Oaks’

“A U.S. Marine Corps veteran opened fire on a crowd of mostly college students and young adults dancing at a crowded country and western bar in a suburb of Los Angeles late on Wednesday, killing 12 people including a sheriff’s deputy,” Alex Dobuzinskis reports for Reuters. “Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean named the suspect, who was also killed, as Ian Long, aged 28. Dean told a news conference Long had likely shot himself.”

“He said he appeared to have shot at random, using only a Glock .45-caliber handgun. There was no known motive,” Dobuzinskis reports. “An unknown number of people were wounded in the shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill, a popular venue with college students and young adults in the suburb of Thousand Oaks. Wednesday was dubbed ‘College Country Night.'”

“Dean said there were six off-duty law enforcement officers from various agencies in the bar when the shootings occurred, and some survivors said the law enforcement officers stood in front of them to protect them,” Dobuzinskis reports. “The dead officer was identified as Sergeant Ron Helus, a 29-year veteran of the department, Dean told reporters. Helus and a California Highway Patrol officer were the first to arrive at the bar and went inside just before 11:30 p.m. PST (0730 GMT). In a statement the sheriff’s office said there would be a procession in honor of Helus, who leaves behind a wife and son, on Thursday at 10 a.m. ‘Ron’s selfless, heroic actions will never be forgotten,’ the statement read.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook offered condolences via Twitter:

We are devastated by the senseless violence overnight in Thousand Oaks. Our hearts are with the victims and their loved ones — too many lives cut short and so many more forever changed. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

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MacDailyNews Take: Sergeant Ron Helus was a true, selfless American hero.

Our condolences and prayers to the family and friends of the victims. Having lived for a time in Camarillo, California, less than 15 miles from the scene, this one hits close to home.

Along with praying for the victims, families, and friends, we most fervently pray that a system will be devised wherein the severely mentally ill will be identified early and helped before they degenerate to the point where such calamitous tragedies befall innocents.MacDailyNews, February 15, 2018


  1. There will be no meeting of the minds about guns. We CAN agree on that. No one will be swayed by any argument. These are deeply held beliefs both for and against gun control. We CAN agree that wrong is wrong.. correct? It’s wrong to shoot people.. agreed? It’s wrong to permit completely unbridled access to any and ALL weapons. Agreed? (You probably don’t want your crazy neighbor to be able to go out and buy a box of rocket propelled grenades. Or true machine guns..Agreed? So we HAVE gun and weapons control now. It’s just a matter of degree. Can we at least work out some sort of agreement that does TWO things. ONE.. Strengthens our mental health programs and the ability to get people at risk held for more than 24 hours and some help. The California 5150 law determined the Thousand Oaks shooter was “ok” despite other warning signs. and TWO… control in some fashion access to assault style weapons and ammo by increasing the waiting period, raising taxes on them and their ammo, passing bump stock laws and THREE…establishing a public flagging system that calls attention to the more unhinged among us so that law enforcement can head them off BEFORE they take violent action.. there’s a way to get this done.

    1. The only reason there will be no meeting of the minds is because the Trumpanzee faction has lost their minds.

      Let’s provide another example of how they live in a fact free irony desert:

      A judge ruled that work on the Keystone xl pipeline needs to stop until the company cleans up its latest oil spill near Amherst SD. Here it is, pics and all:

      Now most level headed people would say that at a time of oil glut, if you have a foreign company spilling oil on your farmland, the right thing to do is to pause construction, clean up the toxic mess, implement better controls to prevent future spills, and then resume.

      Not Trump. He’s out screaming “DISGRACE!” He refuses to see the photographic evidence of the spill, instead attacking the independent judge with claims of politics. Trumpanzees are retweeting all the orange blowhard idiot’s claims. They can’t be bothered to look at the oil spillage either.

      In kookoo land, it’s a disgrace to ptotect farmland. Who knew oil spills are graceful to Trumpanzees?

      This is just one of a thousand examples where Trump and his vocal followers are proven to be stupid, willfully ignorant, politically spiteful when no politics are in play.

      Back to gun violence: Trump promised federal regulation to ban bump stocks. It must have been too hard and clearly would take up too much of his TV and Tweet time. With such fools in DC, obviously no snall reasonable steps will ever be taken to try to kerb gun violence. The unspoken answer that Trumpanzees want is for night club bouncers to wear riot gear and bars to have a sniper on duty at all times. That is considered a solution in kookoo land.

        1. All people who blindly cheer for carnival barker Donald J Drumph of any skin color — including black —- are Trumpanzees. You are so excited by the orange haired baboon yelling and waving the big yellow banana that you don’t take the time to check the facts.

          1. “All people who blindly cheer for carnival barker Donald J Drumph of any skin color — including black —- are Trumpanzees.”

            That did not take long to insult blacks and ALL supporters of the president. If you have a job, show that post to your boss and the Human Resources Director. Show the post to your mother. Put it on your Twitter Feed and Facebook page. Better yet, go on a news channel and verbally say the same on record. In minutes you will be, CAREER TOAST.

            “You are so excited by the orange haired baboon yelling and waving the big yellow banana”

            Another insulting comment that some could construe has racist implications. News flash: The president’s hair is light blonde. Not going to waste time explaining the physics of lighting and photography outdoor and indoor under various conditions.

            He does not have orange hair, but OK Libtards everywhere — it is the most beautiful orange hair in the world and Melania and his supporters love it.

            Oh, and your disrespectful childish words mean nothing, that’s President Donald J. TRUMP to you…

  2. The same people have been and continue their agenda to disarm the American Citizen. For a period of 37 years, from 1968 to March of 2005, this same KOSHER (((tribe))) of traitors has been working 24 / 7 to forward their anti-American agenda to disarm. We have Representative emmanuel CELLER, senator howard METZENBAUM, senator herbert KOHL (yes the family that owns KOHL’S don’t purchase anything from that anti-American store), senator charles SCHUMMER, senator dianne FEINSTEIN, senator arlen SPECTER, senator frank LAUTENBERG, senator barbara BOXER (real name LEVY), and senator carl LEVIN. (((These traitors))) are responsible for 23 anti-gun laws during that 37 year period. All their efforts for all these years and they could not break down the American Spirit. They formed “think-tanks” and passed House Resolution 5736 also known as “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012” by attaching it onto the National Defense Authorization Act in 2013. In other words (((they))) snuck it in behind our backs. Most people today are still not aware of H.R. 5736 and that it allows (((them))) to STAGE, FABRICATE, and MANUFACTURE Fake Shootings and present these STAGED, FABRICATED, MANUFACTURED events as real events via the main stream media and social media. Fast forward from 2005 to 2012 and all of a sudden we have this enormous wave after wave of these so called ALLEGED MASS SHOOTINGS in which we have alleged witnesses and victims SMILING / SMIRKING / and NOT ABLE TO PRODUCE A SINGLE WET TEAR. The reality is that our politicians went ROUGE (((many of them are Dual-Citizens))) and went too far with their manipulations, cheating, lying, spending, waging unnecessary wars and conflicts, etc. They know that eventually it will all come down like a house of cards as even the slowest and dim witted individuals will start to ask: Hw did our Debt get so high?, How come there is so much money missing and unaccounted for? Who are the people responsible for destroying our “Savings and Loans” institutions? Who took our manufacturing jobs overseas and at the same time strengthened communist China? (((They))) know very well that this will all catch up eventually and they want to make sure that the American Citizens are disarmed when the proverbial s**t hits the fan. Do not fall for their lies and their manipulations (((they))) are traitors that have subverted our great country and they don’t want the people to have the power to hold them accountable. They also divide us with all other nonsense and FAKE news such as the Trans-gender pay-op. United we are strong but divided we are weak. Long Live our American Republic.

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