Jony Ive describes how he created the new iPad and the design philosophy behind it

“The new products just revealed by Apple at a special event in Brooklyn this week have several things in common,” David Phelan writes for The Independent. “But most notable is the input of Apple’s Chief of Design, Sir Jonathan Ive, universally referred to as Jony.”

“I caught up with him soon after the excitement of the product launch event,” Phelan writes. “He has just revealed the brand new iPad: a radical re-design that does away with some of the product’s most familiar features, such as the home button. So I begin by asking him whether he feels a special responsibility when a well-loved and commercially successful product is being changed drastically.”

I think what puts a product in the place where it’s described as magical is often about those attributes which are less easy to describe. You can’t quite put your finger on what it is. So, in the new iPad Pro, one of the things we’ve been wanting to get to for a long time is a sense that the product is not oriented in a primary and then, therefore, in a secondary way. What I think marks the new iPad Pro as particularly special is it doesn’t have an orientation. It has speakers all the way around the perimeter. By getting rid of the Home Button and developing Face ID, the tablet is able to work in all of these different orientations. – Jony Ive

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Even with Home button, we use our iPad in landscape pretty much all of the time.


  1. Yeah, the first iMac mouse didn’t seem to have any orientation either. It was a piece of sheet design. An ergo nightmare.

    At apple, it’s always style over function.

    1. A mouse does have an actually orientation. iPads do not an a simple thought experiment one will come to the same conclusion Ive did because iOS sorta out orientation for the user using accelerometer data. A mouse could have the same functionalist based on finger position but the current ones I’m aware of do not. Form and function are invariably linked and it is not black and white.

  2. The new iPad Pro and pencil are absolutely awesome.
    Proof in the Pudding .. sold out in 4 hours on launch day.

    Today, availability late november/early December. …

    (Just wished for more color options)

  3. Just wished that there was a headphone jack on the Pro model. For example open Garage Band with AirPods or any other Bluetooth headphones and see what the latency is like. Totally unprofessional.

  4. At last Apple has managed to design a pencil that won’t roll off a desk. What a great design breakthrough!
    But Pen and pencil makers have known how to do this for many, many years; but not Apple.

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