Using Apple’s revolutionary AirPods as hearing aids

“A new feature in iOS 12 allows you to use your iPhone’s Live Listen feature with Apple’s AirPods, a much cheaper alternative than actual medical device hearing aids,” Gary Rosenzweig writes for MacMost.

“The audio comes from the iPhone’s microphone, so you can place your iPhone in a better position to hear someone and leave it there,” Rosenzweig writes. “You can even use it as a way to listen in to what is going on in another room.”


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MacDailyNews Take: It does work rather well, even in a loud, crowded restaurant, but, of coure, you have to wear your AirPods which aren’t nearly as inconspicuous like real hearing aids. They’ll certainly do in a pinch, though!


    1. If only as a service to the millions of dolts who have damaged their hearing by blasting their earpods into their thick skulls. Clearly hearing the music playing through someone elses earpods is cringe-inducing. How many young people have permanently ruined their hearing this way?

      1. What? I didn’t quite hear you, could you repeat that?

        For record, I damaged my hearing listening to “Dark Side of the Moon” back in ’73, LONG before we could even conceive of something like “AirPods” or ANYTHING “wireless” except walkie talkies….. 🙂

    1. Have you checked out Costco hearing aid centers? I bought a set for under $2K that was very similar to the ones my dad paid around $8K for at a traditional hearing aid store.

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