What’s next for Apple Pencil 2

“For the last couple of years, all we’ve had are Apple Pencil 2 dreams,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “Now, just ahead of Apple’s October More in the Making Event, legit rumors about the next generation of don’t-call-it-a-stylus-or-you-blew-it are finally making the rounds.”

Ritchie writes, “Kuo Ming Chi last week, via MacRumors: ‘Kuo says that we can expect to see two new iPad Pro models that are equipped with USB-C, improved displays, and an Apple Pencil with a new design. Further details were not shared on what improvements to expect with the displays or what a redesigned Apple Pencil might look like.'”

Guilherme Rambo and Steve Troughton-Smith weighed in via Twitter:

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d love to see it support iPhone Xs Max, as well!


  1. I wonder if the current pencil will be continued at a reduced price? It would make sense since the new version does not seem as though it would work well with the iPad 9.7 inch. A $69 or $79 price would make it much more attractive for iPad users.

  2. like I said yesterday , comparing my Apple Pencil (iPad Pro 12.9) and my Wacom Cintiq Pen:

    I like my Cintiq Pen more:
    — No need to charge. No battery
    — Eraser on End
    — Ability to change barrels. I use a ‘fat’ barrel for more comfortable grip drawing long hours.
    — More accurate than Apple Pencil.
    — More responsive. No latency at all (too be fair probably due to the fact I’ve got the Cintiq attached to a Mac Pro with 48 GB RAM and a Nvidia card).

    For a mobile device the iPad Pro is wonderful. I use it for hours a day when I’m out. But the pencil isn’t as good as the Wacom’s.

      1. thanks

        i forgot to add, my cintiq pen has programmable buttons

        I don’t use them though as I’m an ‘action’ user, i keep stabbing buttons by mistake so I usually disable them Also new fat barrel has the buttons covered.

        Anyhow i will still almost certainly buy another iPad. I want two of them side by side when i’m out!

      1. The Cintiq screen for a 27 inch model is about 2K but pens costs about the same as Apple Pencil.

        Just a few more hours to launch so I’ll wait and see what Apple has in store.

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