Apple to unveil all-new iPad Pro, MacBook, Mac mini on October 30th

“Apple Inc. said it will hold a product announcement Oct. 30 in Brooklyn, New York, likely to unveil new iPads and Mac computers,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is planning the biggest revamp to the iPad Pro since it first went on sale in 2015, as well as a lower-cost MacBook laptop and a new Mac mini desktop, Bloomberg News reported earlier this year.”

“This will mark the first Apple product introduction to take place in New York since the company unveiled its digital textbooks service in 2012. It is, however, the second Apple product launch outside of California this year,” Gurman reports. “In March, the company announced new education software and an update to the entry-level iPad at a Chicago-area high school.”

“Apple is planning new iPad Pros in two screen sizes — 11 inches and 12.9 inches — that will both use facial recognition for unlocking, rather than a Home button with a fingerprint sensor,” Gurman reports. “Beyond tablets, the company is planning an entry-level Mac with a high-resolution screen to succeed the once-popular MacBook Air. The new Mac mini desktop will focus on professional users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is going to be quite a Christmas for the Cupertino Colossus!

Apple sends invitations to media for ‘There’s more in the making’ special event on October 30th in Brooklyn – October 18, 2018


    1. Dave, looks like you are kind of a glass empty kind of guy…where’s the joy, man? You want new products and here they are! Why don’t you at least see the products before you start bitchin’

      1. Joy is not what it would be under regular release intervals and feeling as though Apple is really paying attention. By the time this stuff gets out too late the joy is gone, if not the user to another platform.

        The 2019 Mac Pro could be the most magnificent model for a Mac Pro ever made but it’s taken so long pros out there who haven’t left will greet it more with grumbles than exaltation. This isn’t a little screw-up, it’s a major one on their part. And based on what we see we will either push the Mac Pro purchase button or the PC Workstation purchase button.

        Oh and there will be enough downsides with the new Mac Mini it will get the grumble treatment too.

        1. If the 2019 mac pro (probably starting at $6999 knowing apple) can’t compete with a $1500 hackintosh (which can currently run absolute circles around an iMac Pro, minus the 5K display obviously) then apple’s pro market is GONZO.

          1. No lover of Cooks approach but I have been hearing that tosh for 25 years and yet everywhere I look the Mac is still the pros choice… Assuming you don’t have an exceptionally narrow view of Pros of course. Being a miserable sod is as integral to Mac users as Marvin the paranoid android was to Hitchikers Guide indeed being one of the first Mac users Douglas Adams probably based it on us… to go with the trolls who frequent the restaurant at the end of the universe no doubt.

            1. “everywhere I look the Mac is still the pros choice”

              Now that is hilarious. Have you been looking under Cook’s skirt?

              I don’t know what you define as a pro, but almost every Mac owner I know has to run Bootcamp or virtualization software to do their work on fully capable Windows apps.

              Do you think this is a healthy trend for Mac sales, down about 8.5% for Q3 2018 for a whopping 7% worldwide market share?

            2. You are totally dreaming Apple fanboy. Mac user pros have been leaving Apple for years now. I’m next if they disappoint. Please, get a grip on reality…

            3. The “pros” or pro friends I’m used to are graphics, movie, cable and television pros. And most of them are already on PC Workstations. There are Macs sprinkled about and many musician’s use them but Macs by no means own the creative industry. You can thank Apple laissez-faire lackadaisical attitude for that.

            4. So good to hear Douglas Adams reared as positive evidence against the naysayers, which have at times included myself. Whenever I get the terminal grumbles I go back and read a bit of his book The Salmon of Doubt, and realise that I actually live not in a world where everything has gone to hell, but one in which wonderful life flourishes even in the rankest niches, birthing terrible monsters which will evolve to achieve astonishing feats of creative elegance.

              When all is said and done, the Mac Pro is still my tool of choice. I also drive a 2005 Lexus ES 330. I don’t mind that I sometimes need to shop around for parts. I’m funny that way. It does bug me that I can’t get all the parts I need for my 2013 Mac Pro, but you know, the after market for cars is completely different from that for computers. I’ve never written to the CEO of Toyota complaining about their lack of support for cabin air filters, because third parties make them. But here’s the thing: they make them because there are a lot of those cars out there — a substantial market. The 2013 Mac Pro, not so much. Life can be trying for a Mac lover.

      2. Let’s cross our fingers for a capable new Mac Mini Pro with a bigger chassis and maybe 2 Thunderbolt connectors. These days six-cores and 8-cores CPUs are going to dominate the mainstream desktop space. Even a bigger mini won’t be able to accommodate such a demanding CPU. New iMacs will have to borrow some of their bigger brother cooler capacity or desktop iMacs won’t be able to compete on CPU performance with the current generation PC. I think Apple needs to move up its entire Mac line.

        1. You listening, Jony? Make it THICKER, LARGER and far more user capable for customers including MORE ports for connectivity. You remember, like you used to do all the time since you joined Apple and until they went CHEAP. What happened It’s high time for a return to pleasing customers first and looking out for their needs, AGAIN. Certainly not Apple greed, they already HAVE more than enough money than any company in history…

      3. @macgadgetfreek:

        Given how long pipeline Timmy takes to update Macs, the water evaporated a long time ago. Dave has every right to complain bitterly about how poorly Apple treats its formerly loyal customers.

  1. Remember when the mini first came out?

    It was a great bang for the buck. Used to lure PC people over. Almost a lost leader for Apple.

    But over the years, the price creeped up and the vale dropped down. The mini became impossible to upgrade.

    I miss those type of old days.

    1. I just can’t see the Macs being announced. Or, if so, after the iPad Pro announcement, it would be “AND HERE’S THE REST, G”NIGHT!”

      I mean, think about it, what can be said about a Mac mini other than “it’s faster”? Maybe they could ramble a bit about being the first desktop to use all USB-C ports (you KNOW it’s gonna be! 🙂

      I think the Mac devices are destined to be little more than “speed bumps” and as such, they’ll just replace the old product on the store.

      1. We get it that you don’t use a Mac and don’t care about the most powerful personal computer platform that Apple has ever created. However, those of us who used to be exclusively Mac users have been treated so poorly with the dumbing down and bloat of the Mac OS, the stagnating hardware spec at ridiculously high prices, and the abrupt abandonment of software and workflows that used to lead several industries.

        iOS cannot and will not replace the capability of what a Mac, even in its present weakened state, can do. Not today, not next year, and not in the next 5 years. iOS is subscription based nouveau-mainframe computing. Apple was a success originally by setting users free from IBM. With iOS, Cook wants to be the next IBM mainframe pusher. This does not appeal to the Mac user, and never will.

        No Mac user would be whining if Apple simply made user-suggested improvements and refreshed hardware at reasonable prices. If Apple cannot deliver, then Apple will lose what few pro Mac users are left. The Mac will be just another Commodore consumer platform, a weak alternative to the dominant OS that actually responds to user needs.

  2. I thought mdn hated Bloomberg, Gaggle, Farcebook, etc

    Yet here goes mdn linking to publications it badmouths, offering login options to data thieving and lying tech companies.

    The hypocrisy is thick on this site.

  3. So where’s the best place to set up the purchase of the current 10.5″ iPad Pro (512GB, cellular) so all I have to hit is the [Place Order] button as soon as they announce the non-Home button/no earphone jack new version? Apple’s store will be closed. Was going to get a refurb’ed one from them, but that will also be offline.

    1. eBay?

      If you used a Mac, you could just write an Automator script to perform complex operations. An iPad doesn’t offer any online shopping advantages whatsoever. Quite the opposite, in fact, since iOS gadgets by default will display mobile watered down versions of websites.

      1. Apple didn’t include that as an option for 2 users – just 2 different looks of the same person. Think professional Gene Simmons during the day, and lead man of KISS at night … 2 very different looks for the same person. (You can have that Marketing idea for free if you want it Apple …)

        Apple has never thought of the iPad as a “family” device – color me doubtful that there will be a multi-user FaceID for iPad PRO 3

  4. I am almost certain to get a new iPad Pro to add to my current 12.9.

    Also looking forward to the Mac Mini, fingers crossed.

    (I understand all the products mentioned in the article are just rumours of course. )

  5. Sad really. It used to be that computer companies were locked to Intel’s release schedule and would dutifully release new computers when the silicon was in production. Most did, and still do.

    Apple on the other hand, said screw that, we’ll design cute little aluminum enclosures and the masses will be happy with whatever we stick inside them. We got a great deal on some used 386s and by gawd you Apple bigots are gonna luv this new Mac Mini. And you’re gonna luv our new Red trashcan with high-end 486s when we get good and ready to build em. Upgradeable? Not likely, we got a great deal on some SDR SDRAM and 1 GB is all you’ll ever need.

    You’ll buy what we make. End of discussion.

    1. “release new computers when the silicon was in production.”
      You do realize that Intel has continuously slid their production of high end mobile processors, yes? That’s not where their focus is and is NOT their bread and butter. They make most of their money on the REALLY high chips for a big markup, and the REALLY high volume chips for the trash devices at the low end.

      Truth be told, though, for the VAST majority of toys Apple ships, the customers don’t know and really don’t care what’s in them. As long as they can face the books and inter the nets, then it’s just the magic box they need!

      Oh, and Intel still hasn’t produced a promised processor that can access LPDDR4 RAM. No worries, though, LPDDR4 is already old hat and there’s a new LPDDR5. It’s about time Intel got working on “not” shipping a processor for that!

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