Newspaper claims Turkey has Apple Watch audio of Saudi writer’s slaying

“Turkish officials have an audio recording of the alleged killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi from the Apple Watch he wore when he walked into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul over a week ago, a pro-government Turkish newspaper reported Saturday,” Zeynep Bilginsoy and Jon Gambrell report for The Associated Press. “The new claim published by the Sabah newspaper, through which Turkish security officials have leaked much information about the case, puts more pressure on Saudi Arabia to explain what happened to Khashoggi.”

“The writer, who has written critically about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, disappeared after he walked into the consulate Oct. 2. The kingdom has maintained the allegations against it are ‘baseless,'” Bilginsoy and Gambrell report. “Authorities recovered the audio from Khashoggi’s iPhone and his iCloud account, the newspaper said. The journalist had given his phones to his fiancée before entering the consulate. The newspaper also alleged Saudi officials tried to delete the recordings first by incorrectly guessing Khashoggi’s PIN on the watch, then later using the journalist’s finger. However, Apple Watches do not have a fingerprint ID unlock function like iPhones.”

“An Apple Watch can record audio and can sync that later with an iPhone over a Bluetooth connection if it is close b,” Bilginsoy and Gambrell report. “Turkish officials have not answered queries from The Associated Press about Khashoggi’s Apple Watch.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The glaring error regarding using Khashoggi’s finger to unlock Apple Watch even though Apple Watches do not have Touch ID leads us to believe that this article is a specious attempt to ramp up pressure on the Saudi’s to explain Khashoggi’s disappearance.

Apple Watch could help find missing Saudi dissident – October 10, 2018


  1. The bigger the obsession with Trump, the greater the leftist loser. He’s infinitely better than Obama ever could have been, get over it! And it’s God-Emperor Trump to you punk!

    1. @Nick at Night
      Trump is the biggest embarrassment (daily) in modern American history. Yes, the world IS laughing at us.
      Now he is bending over trying to protect his Saudi friends after giving them permission (insinuated through public statements, and possibly in private conversations) to abuse journalist.

      1. “Now he is bending over trying to protect his Saudi friends after giving them permission (insinuated through public statements, and possibly in private conversations) to abuse journalist.”

        As par for the course, Just The Facts has NO FACTS! Just baseless claims as usual…

        1. Insulting me and President Trump changes nothing. Like I said, Just The Facts STILL has NO FACTS! We are too smart to be fooled by the likes of you…

      1. Why would you complain about that, it’s such a patriotic gesture of bias. Anyway where did you end up, from what I’ve heard Apple’s home nation doesn’t put their citizens in Guatanamobushobamotrumpo on the Bay Resort.

    1. I don’t doubt it. Turkey is so obsessed with gaining favor out of this they released our citizen.

      Please believe me there is much more to this story. Spin, spin, spin…..

  2. I do hope the truth is unveiled, but how about another truth….
    The privacy BS!

    Personally, I believe in warranted searches, but Apple doesn’t. Where did encryption fail?

    1. I don’t believe the encryption failed. Supposedly, the watch recorded the audio and sent it to his iPhone and iCloud account. His girlfriend had access to both. Supposedly. Quite frankly, I think everyone representing Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the US are lying. We will never know the truth.

  3. This page is a loading nightmare- might as well be all Flash. The ridiculous assault of in your face ads- including the popups (latest being for Samsung Galaxy, no less) launching from bottom that brings all to a screeching hault… How much tech credibility can one have to conduct an operation like this?…

  4. “ Always refer to Trump as “President Trump” in contrast the hundreds of MDN news items regarding President Obama where he was always referred to as just “Obama”.

    Either you are not paying attention or new here. Off the top of my head can name a dozen regular posters who do exactly the opposite and never write President Trump and instead mock him as the “orange” this or that. Equal justice for all…

  5. Actually, if they have a recording (regardless of source) it could very well show that they tried to guess the passcode and then attempt to use a fingerprint to open the watch because the hit team was ignorant of how the watch worked.

    At first glance, the MDN take that this is specious seems unlikely because the handlers would ask the hit men if they tried to use the passcode and fingerprint on the watch. If they didn’t, they would know this was as bogus a claim as say, I dunno, (President) Trump saying Jim Comey better hope there weren’t tapes of their WH conversations, and stand pat. But if it’s true, they’d better start coming up with a plan to deal with the perpetrators (show trial, car bomb, plane crash, claim of rogue operation, snatch the kin of the hit team, whatever) that gives the Saudi government some kind of cover.

    BTW, nobody in the press seems to have tied the magical appearance of this recording data to the sudden release of the American pastor held by Turkey for two years. So perhaps MDN is right – it was US sources that made the recording and turned it over with the watch as cover. Or more likely, the quid pro quo was that the US greased the wheels for Turkey to get the iCloud data and told them they’d side with them on the matter.

    1. Who cares about this BS, the 2018 midterm is almost upon us and as far i and the countless trumpster are concerned this is the only thing that matters.

      1. Welcome back!!! A lot of us were wondering about you for months. Yes indeed, all that matters now is MAGA in the voting booth next month. The left is unhinged like never before, totally disrespectful to average Americans and calling for breaking laws, protecting criminals, stalking and harassing anyone that does not support them. It is scary to think of these people in power and up to GOOD CITIZENS to put a stop to the RADICAL LEFT…

    2. Or perhaps the press is not asking why Erdogan, who has a horrible record regarding the press, gives a dam.

      Or why did Khashoggi go into that embassy (alone) instead of one in America.

      Or maybe the Turks snatched him and doctored the video to drive a wedge between the West and House of Saud because they don’t want the Kurds in Iraq and Syria to gain power and threaten southern Turkey while the Saudis want them used to stop the Iranian Shia power in Syria.

      Or why the press is being fed that he was a reporter (kidding, this is to make him a martyr because they wouldn’t care as much if he was reported as a Muslim Brotherhood agent)

      In reality, I don’t doubt the Prince had him killed but for more nefarious reasons than his “reporting”. The rest of this will all turn political just to be used against Trump no matter what he does.

      Saudi Arabia is a much larger and important trade ally than Turkey, but that won’t stop the partisanship before an election. Won’t be long till the looney left are screaming in the streets again to entertain the reporters. What a crazy dance they do.

      Did they turn on Obama for his Russian reset or having more flexibility after an election? No, they ignored all of Putin’s drama. Aid to Nicaragua, Venezuela, normalization with Cuba were all good moves according to the media no matter how many people and reporters were jailed or killed.

      But this will turn into a major news issue just to box in Trump as all of a sudden the press will become aware of how MOST countries treat their citizens and their press.


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