New iPad Pro 2018 model numbers appear on MIIT certification, also one for a ‘Bluetooth device’

“After the release of Apple iPhone 2018 lineup, a lot of buzz is now being created around the imminent launch of the iPad Pro 2018,” Zara Ali reports for MySmartPrice. “Until now, many model numbers have surfaced in EEC certification, but today we found three new model numbers debuting on MIIT certification. Additionally, we have also spotted a ‘Bluetooth Device’ in one of the listing that goes by the model number A2051.”

“The new model numbers that we have spotted on MIIT are – A1876, A1980, and A1993,” Ali reports. “These three model numbers have certification date of September 29, 2018, which makes them quite new in comparison to the previous leaks that carried model numbers from last year.”

Ali reports, “As we mentioned in the beginning, we have also spotted a new Bluetooth Device with model number A2051 in the listing and as of now we are not able to decode what it is exactly.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That “Bluetooth device” may be referring to Apple Pencil 2.


  1. Wouldn’t these new numbers fall right in line with the anticipated October 2018 “new updated product(s)” release pending later this month.

    Just in time for the Holiday Season…..?!!

  2. my guess is the new device is airpods 2. they teased them last year and about 4 months ago came into supply/demand balance on them. Since then hundreds of thousands have been selling under typical apple distributor markdown making me believe they are drawing down quantity for the refresh. Only time will tell.

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