October Apple expectations: New iPad Pro, new Macs, iPhone XR, and more

“October is here and that probably means a whole new round of hardware updates from Apple. Last month was packed with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch Series 4, iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12, and macOS Mojave,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac. “This month the cheaper and more colorful iPhone XR will hit the market and there are even more hardware and software updates expected including big news for iPad and Mac — possibly even an October Apple event.”

“Apple could always release new hardware with a press release and private press briefings, but a redesigned iPad and all-new MacBook surely call for stage time,” Hall reports. “We expect to see two versions of the iPad Pro introduced this month: a new 11-inch size and a redesigned 12.9-inch size. This is going to be a huge upgrade for the iPad Pro. Both models are expected to feature Face ID and the all-screen design with no notch.”

“Apple currently makes a computer simply called MacBook — the 12-inch Retina version — and a 13-inch version that replaces the MacBook Air could be on the way,” Hall reports. “We expect the Mac mini to finally be updated this fall with modern specs that could see its starting price climb.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We cannot wait for iPad Pro to drop the now-maddening* Home button!

*after a year of using and loving X-class iPhones


  1. The longer this drags out, the bigger the chances that all our minis running as servers will be replaced by Linux based systems and the business never to return to Apple again.

    1. Ditto our post production video/graphics computers moving to Windows PC workstations. Enough is enough. Patience may be a virtue but in this situation intolerable & unworkable. For Apple not to take people’s professional needs seriously (or knowledgeably with informed designs) shows they’re interests lie elsewhere – or we’re just dealing with gross incompetence from the top on down.

  2. The lineups, in general order of price and capability, should be:

    iMac 24″
    Mac Mini
    iMac 27″
    Mac (new headless tower)
    iMac Pro
    Mac Pro (new workstation)


    12″ MacBook Air (all new fashion netbook with at least two ports)
    13″ MacBook (no touchbar)
    15″ MacBook (no touchbar)
    13″ MacBook Pro (all new with ports and good keyboard)
    15″ MacBook Pro (all new with ports and good keyboard)
    17″ MacBook Pro (all new heavy thick kickass portable workstation)


    all new family of XServes designed for Apple to run its own business effectively without renting Azure, AWS, and Google servers.


    24″ OLED
    27″ OLED
    32″ OLED

    all best in class color accuracy and resolution


    All new family that the user can use independently or mesh as desired, and attach drives to to easily create one’s own NAS.


    Apple could also stand to refresh its iPod lineup and replace all its cheap white plastic adapters with new ergonomic “dark mode” accessories.

    1. YES!!!!

      I’d be all over a new desktop Mac between a mini and a Pro. How dumb does Apple have to be to not see that two antique desktop headless Macs are inadequately covering the demand???? We will never move to all-in-ones.

  3. “MacDailyNews Take: We cannot wait for iPad Pro to drop the now-maddening* Home button! *after a year of using and loving X-class iPhones”

    Apparently, according to you “we” are capable of waiting much longer the fabled New Mac Pro Modular Mac then another iPad – no.

  4. Re MDN take: I do not understand the whining about a home button. The newer phones are far more klunky to use than those with a physical button.

    As to Macs, where is the Mac mini?

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